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Vietnam War Research Project Essay

862 words - 4 pages

Vietnam War Research Paper and Project

Your Mission: You are to choose a topic of interest on the Vietnam War. There are many topics for you to choose from and I have provided a list for you if you need help. You must get the topic approved by me!

Second: Once you have your topic try to narrow it down. You don’t want to have such a broad topic that you are swimming with information. To help you with this you must have a clear and concise thesis that either shows the importance of your topic or takes a stand on your topic. For example if my topic was the cause of the war my thesis would be: The essential cause of the Vietnam War was the instability of government relations between the ...view middle of the document...

• Draws readers in, piques curiosity.
• Clearly defines research subject, identifies all people, terms, issues, events, etc.
• Includes sufficient background information.

BODY OF PAPER: Sufficient appropriate details, specific examples, data, statistics, and facts.
• All information is accurate, factual, concise and specific.
• Includes balanced information, shows evidence of research, discovery, and self-reflection.
• Thoroughly supports all ideas and statements with cited sources.

CONTENT: Breadth and depth of research.
• Includes sufficient direct quotations from all sources on Works Cited page.
• All internal citations follow MLA format.
• Thoroughly explains, interprets, and evaluates all information and citations.
• No unsubstantial opinions, superlatives, sweeping generalities, or repetitive statements.

INTERNAL CITATIONS: Cites authentic, scholarly, credible sources throughout.
• Uses a variety of primary and secondary sources – no encyclopedias.
• Uses variety of web sites – universities, the government, and legitimate professional groups.
• Accurately and completely defines all related terms, people, places, and events.

MECHANICS: No usage – grammatical errors. No wordiness or awkward sentences.
• Title on cover page reveals focus of paper, centered in all capitals.
• Student’s name and date paper is passed in are in lower right corner.
• Varied sentence structure. Well-written topic sentences, appropriate transitions used.
• Third person objective point-of-view used. (No: you, I, me, we, us, our, mine, etc…)
• Formal diction and tone used throughout. No idioms, slang, contractions, or colloquialisms.
• Uses strong verbs and vivid descriptions.
• Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point.
• Meets length requirement of _____ pages.


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