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Vietnam Legacy Lesson Plan Essay

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Lesson Plan in
Language in Literature II
Afro-Asian Literature

I. Subject Matter: Vietnam Legacy
Reference: Language in Literature Afro-Asian Literature (p. 156)
Materials: illustration boards, Multimedia materials
Time Frame: 2 Meetings

II. Objectives
A. Generate responses to a question the poem asks about giving tributes to fallen soldiers
B. Identify imageries in the poem
C. Demonstrate comprehension on the poem by giving accurate answers to questions
D. Enumerate ways how they can promote peace in their own little ways as students.

III. Lesson Proper
A. Introduction
1. Through a DLP, show pictures of soldiers. Let students verbalize their ideas about the pictures.
2. Inform them that they are about to read a poem about soldiers.
3. Post the following question to be answered towards the end of the lesson:
What is the best way to remember those ...view middle of the document...

Give the instructions of the group activity:
a. Students will be grouped into 8. They will work as a team to answer the following questions correctly:
* Which of the following lines in the poem contains imagery?
* In line 1, what does “a wall of granite” refer to?
* Which stanza suggests that the fallen soldiers do NOT receive the recognition that they deserve?
* Which stanza emphasizes these fallen soldiers as heroes and important individuals?
* Which stanza portrays a scenario of the loved ones of these fallen soldiers grieving over their death?
* Which stanza suggests that soldiers get traumatized by the war, so they tend to resort to alcohol and other vices to comfort themselves?
* Which stanza presents the absence of choice of an individual in being sent to war?
* Which statement is true about the similarity of the short story The Soldier and the poem Vietnam Legacy?
b. Multiple choices are given to each question. Inform students that each correct answer corresponds to one point.
7. Go back to the question raised a while back and let students answer the question.
8. Let them watch a music video of the Sam Harris’ version of the song Imagine originally sung and written by John Lennon.

C. Integration: On being a peacemaker; Understanding the Song Imagine
9. Post the following bible verses:
Colossians 3:15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.
Matthew 5:9  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

10. On a ½ of paper:
* Students enumerate ways on how they can promote peace in their own ways as students.

* Understand what the song says about peace. What is the song implicitly implying for humanity to do in order to achieve peace?

Prepared by:
Jordan G. Habbiling
English Teacher

Observed by:
Ms. May M. Layag
High School Principal

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