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Vietnam Experience Essay

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The Vietnam Experience

The Vietnam War is one oft the most gruesome wars after 2nd world war. The war was between the years 1959-75. It was twenty years of war to no avail. Millions of people lost their lives – young soldiers from America and Vietnam, and many civil. After several years of war in Vietnam with France, a peace treaty was signed and the republic of Vietnam was created in South Vietnam with Ngo Dinh Diem as leader, and the north was ruled by communists. South Vietnam was receiving financial and military support from the United States, but the Diem regime was corrupt and the repression was a help to strengthen the communists opposition in South Vietnam. The military wing, ...view middle of the document...

The documentary is truly powerful and it affects the viewers quickly, because of the awful things that have happened.
In the beginning of the documentary, we see a many young american soldiers being silly in the camp. Meanwhile a letter is being read from Dennis, who writes to his dear friend Tom. He describes to Tom how life is in war and what they are doing in the camp. The scenes starts with a song called “Walk Like A Man” while the footage shows soldiers fooling around and being happy. The footage is different clips showing the war-life in for example ind the camp. This clips shows happiness and the middle of a horrible situation, and as a viewer you get warm inside because even though the soldiers were on a terrible mission, they could still smile and laugh.

“The Things They Carried” is a collection of stories from different persons where we get an insight of how it was for the American soldiers to live under the war. We get to know the persons who are in the stories very well because every character has a special role. Tim O'Brian is the writer of the collection and he is especially known for his writing style. For example he knows the balance between dialogue and the descriptive passages and also the narrative passages, so the minimalistic dialogue blends in with the descriptive passages. These are examples from “The Things They Carried”:
“When the dustoff arrived, they carried Lavender aboard. Afterward they burned Than Khe. They marched until dusk, then dug their holes, and that night Kiowa kept explaining how you had to be there, how fast it was, how the poor guy just dropped like so much concrete. Boom-down, he said. Like cement.” (end of page 6)
The descriptive passages make up by most of the story, and it gives a clear contrast between the inside and outside. We see what Tim O'Brien describes in the middle of the war, and we get to know how other soldiers feel:
“No clouds or birds or people. As they waited, the men smoked and drank Kool-Aid, not talking much, feeling sympathy for Lee Strunk but also feeling the luck of the draw.” (mid. p. 9)

“Love” is the second story in the...

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