Video Making Essay

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In this assignment you are required in groups of not more than 4 people, to prepare a 3-5 minutes instructional video on the following topics listed below:

1) “Problems from subsidy cuts to petrol are short-term. Benefits gained are long-term”. Discuss. Use aggregate demand and supply analysis to explain.

2) “Inflation is best controlled by use of monetary policy while unemployment can only be resolved through fiscal policy”. Do you agree? Use the money market, income-expenditure and aggregate demand and supply analysis to argue your case.

3) Supply-side policies are mandatory for long-term economic growth. Give recent examples the Malaysian federal government has ...view middle of the document...

It is vital that students acquaint themselves with the University’s policy on plagiarism (refer to Student Handbook 2010). Please also refer to Policy of Submission of Written Assignment for more details (URL:

Late Assignments will not be accepted and only limited possibility exists for extensions if application is made to the subject administrator before the due date. These will be granted solely on medical grounds or grounds of misadventure and must be supported by relevant documentation.

This is a group assignment and it comprises 10% of your course assessment.

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A. Please complete all details clearly.

|(1) Student Name :HyunTack oh (2) Student Name: Kee Mei Ping |
|(3)Student Name : Lee Kah Szen |
|ID: 1007D79874 ID: 1007D79605 |
|ID 1007D72515 |
|(4) Student Name : Michelle Yam (5) Student Name: Jeanette Chin |
|ID: 1007D78653 ID: 1007D79719 |
|Programme: UWE program |Subject code and title: BUS1614 Macroeconomic |
|Assignment number: 2.2 |Due date: 08-06-2011 | |
|Assignment topic as stated in the guidelines provided: Video Assignment. |

B. This section will be completed by the lecturer/tutor assessing your assignment:

Key: 1. Outstanding 2. Very Good 3. Good 4. Satisfactory 5. Weak 6. Unsatisfactory

Marking guide A+ A- B to B+ B- C to C+ D below
Structure and content
Material relevant to question ( ( ( ( ( ( Little relevance to question
Argument logically developed ( ( ( ( ( ( Unstructured/lacking continuity
Accurate presentation of argument ( ( ( ( ( ( Many Inaccuracies
Application: theory/principle ( ( ( ( ( ( No application: theory/principle
Question covered in sufficient depth ( ( ( ( ( ( Superficial treatment

Originality and style
Evidence of creative thought ( ( ( ( ( ( Little evidence of creative thought
Fluent & well written/narrated ( ( ( ( ( ( Clumsy
Logical & well set out ( ( ( ( ( ( ...

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