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Video Games Linked To Violence Essay

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Video games linked to violence
Juan Gonzalez
South Plains College

“Video games are at the center of a debate over what is helpful or harmful to children and adolescents, and there is research to substantiate both sides. The existing research suggests that there are at least 5 dimensions on which video games can affect players: the amount of play, the content of play, the game context, the structure of the game, and the mechanics of game play.” (Gentile, et al., 2011, pg.75). Over the past few years, there have been many debates as to whether video games are the main cause for violence in children and teens. “An extensive body of research indicates that violent ...view middle of the document...

“While research has thoroughly addressed these effects of physical aggression in video game content on players, no empirical studies have examined whether there are similar and parallel effects of extreme verbal aggression in the form of profanity in video game content.”(Ivory & Kaestle, et al., 2013, pg.224)

There are several types of aggression that are produced from playing in the virtual world
These “types of aggression include physical aggression, which is direct physical harm by direct physical means, relational aggression, which involves damage to friendships or relationships, and verbal aggression, which is harm by verbal means.” (Anderson et al., 2007; Ivory & Kaestle, et al., 2013, pg.225). “Meta-analyses demonstrate that playing violent games increases aggressive cognitions, aggressive feelings, and aggressive behaviors.” (Anderson, 2004; Gentile et al., 2011, pg. 77).

Not all videogames though, are violent. Some contain strategy plots that make the player think their way through the story line, while others require skill; some just need to think a bit. “Many educational games teach specific skills, such as reading or math. Meta-analyses demonstrate that although some are more successful than others, educational games are very good at teaching their content.” (Murphy et al., 2002; Gentile et al., 2011, pg.77). Long term effects of video games can also be displayed. “Conversely, if games include pro-social content where characters help each other in nonviolent ways, then this should predict pro-social behavior in both the short term and the long term, which studies have also demonstrated.” (Gentile et al., 2009; Gentile et al., 2011, pg.77)

Overall, there are two sides to the story. Some research suggests that the games are the main cause for aggression and violence, while others state the benefits. But just like any other topic, there...

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