Video Games And Youth Aggression Essay

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Video Games and Youth Aggression
Reuben Steele
Post University

Due to technology advances, video games are becoming more graphically violent these days. Maybe we ask ourselves, is this the reason our youth are becoming more violent and aggressive? Some say that it’s not the video games that cause the aggression, but more of the individual. Our youth are more susceptible to influence, and violent video games are one of the many influences that promotes aggression. Parents/guardians are allowing the youth to purchase and play the games and the distributors are selling the games to minors when there are guidelines that need to be followed.
Video Games and Youth Aggression
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This style of video gaming has brutal killings of other characters that trigger violent behavior in our youth. Once these images are set in their minds and they think and want to reenact what they see. They will want to take what they see and put it in a real life situation like going and playing paintball. Eventually the spirit of competition will get the best of them and want to hurt whoever they play with.
Fighting games are becoming more popular with the youth, especially with the added devices to game consoles that allows the game player to use their bodies as the controllers. With
Video Games and Youth Aggression
The game player’s bodies as the controllers, it implements muscle memory. Muscle memory is not
So much of the memory of the mind but more of how the physical aspect of the body retains how and when to move. So as a child who plays a fighting game one hour a day for a month learns and develops what they see. What the child think he is doing is enjoying a game, but the child think he can imitate what happens in the game and hurt another child.
With all the effect of video gaming has on children and aggression, the other factor involved is the youth’s family and social life. Children in broken family homes tend to be more aggressive than those of a two parent home. The child missing one of the parents uses video gaming as an escape from the stress of being in that environment. It changes the behavior of the child to be more aggressive and angry at others or the world itself. Youth’s social life plays a big role in how...

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