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Video Games And Violence Essay

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Video Games and Violence
Video games have attracted the attention of teens ever since arcade games where first popular. Video games have become very sophisticated, high tech, and realistic they are also becoming violent, which is becoming a problem in many homes. The amount of time that teenagers spend playing these violent video games can change their behavior; they are becoming too aggressive with others, and some are even mimicking the violence that goes on in the games. Parents that have teenagers that play these violent video games may see a change in their attitude and behavior. They may get angry over thing that are not relevant, and may begin to get angry with the game, and start slamming and breaking controllers, also they may get angry at siblings and friends that they play the games with. Video games and violence can have a detrimental effect on teens; they can be addictive, cause aggressive behavior, and have an effect on school performance.
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Teens that playing violent video games on a regular basis can become very aggressive. Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty Black Ops, and Postal changed the behavior in many teens. Watching teens playing these games, and when things don’t go the way they would like, then they throw controllers, and get very angry at the person they are playing against. Some teens gets so involved in the game, that they acts like they are a part of the game, because they lose focus, and become angry and take it out on whose every around. As Anderson (2014) noted teens who play these type of games are always on a defense, they are more likely to become violent with others for no apparent reason, someone can bumped into them accidentally, and their ready to fight.
Teens that are addicted to video games and play violent games all the time could be doing poorly in school, because they may be staying up too late playing video games, which may cause them to be too tired and not to be able to focus in school. Also teens are not taking the time to do their homework, read, our study for an upcoming test, which may cause low or failing grades. Teens that get in trouble at school will lose out on important instruction time. Jacobi (2012) noted that after researching a group of boys who all were on different educational levels, the boys who scored lower liked to play violent games more than the other.
In conclusion, playing violent video games for a long period of time can have a negative effect on teens. They can be addictive, cause aggressive behavior, and effect school performance. As a parent of a teenager, you must put a time limit on the amount of time that is allowed to be played, and it’s important to check the ratings of the video games you buy.

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