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Video Games Essay

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Violence in Video Games
There has been a debate for years on whether or not violence in video games cause behavioral problems in kids. In this Essay we are going to attempt to take a look at this debate and try to find out once and for all which side has the more legitimate case. The debate over this issue spans back more than two decades and with technology improving leaps and bounds over the past ten years games have become more realistic and violent.
In a study in 2013 Doctors Christopher Ferguson and Cheryl Olson discovered violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, HALO, and Mortal Combat did not cause High Risk Teens those with depression or an attention disorder to become more ...view middle of the document...

The second study showed that even a brief exposure to violence on video games can lead to a temporary aggressive behavior among young men. The first study was a study of over 227 College students who completed trait aggression measures reported their actual aggression behaviors became law breaking and found that there past video game habits were violent. (Kennan 2008).This study was key in showing that there is in fact a direct result in young men becoming violent in nature even if temporary as a result of playing violent video games.
In another study that takes a slightly different approach describes how videos games that are competitive in general can make teens more aggressive in nature. In a study by PHD student Paul Adachi shows that violent video games do cause aggressive and violent behavior but not necessary because of the violence but because of how competitive the games are (Gleaner 2011). This would support a claim that competitive games not violent ones cause aggressive behavior. Mr. Adachi tries to support this claim by saying that people who commit violent crimes after playing violent video games were capable of committing those crimes before playing those games but the games however may contribute to fuel their psychopathic thoughts even further.
Children with low grades can show aggressive behavior because they are not achieving marks in school and studies try to show that video games cause the failing of school which led to violent behavior but this is falsely accusing video games (Poole). Kids can fail school do to many reasons other than video games such as to much shopping, not enough rest, watching too much TV and too much time on other activities. A study by Lester Haines showed that aggressive behavior did not increase in children who played violent video games as appose to those who grew up or live in aggressive homes (Poole). Mr. Haines goes on to state that in there long term study it shows that violent games did not increase the chance of aggressive behavior in teens as appose to those who grew up in challenged communities or backgrounds (Lester Haines).
While researching and mediating on this topic it is my best guess that though things might influence aggressive behavior video games do not increase the chances more. It is my understanding if you look at the nature vs nurture debate a person can be a product of their culture or have a predisposed gene that inherently makes them aggressive. Now things such as violent games violent neighborhoods or even just a tuff home life can cause that gene to kick into overdrive and cause outburst doesn’t mean it is the games fault or the TV’s fault or whatever it may be it is something that is already inside that...

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