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Video Game Violence Essay

1079 words - 5 pages

"Life is like a video game. Everybody has got to die sometime" said Devin Moore
after his capture and killing spree that resulted in the death of 3 policemen (Leung). This
statement caused many people to think that video games were the cause of not only
Moore’s case, but many others too. But the real question is do video games cause bad
effects such as antisocial behavior, obsession/addiction, and murder? Many people would
say yes but I say that video games not only don’t cause these things, but are actually
good for you. Many people say that video games cause anti social behavior, but I say that is not
true. In fact, with the advent of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), ...view middle of the document...

People become addicted to various
things for a variety of reasons that often are more about the problems that they are having
in life rather than the thing they become addicted to. I want to also point out research
made that shows that the addictiveness in games actually has many good benefits. For
one thing, games can make the gamer smarter, and I’m not talking about education games
I’m talking about just casual games that someone might play for fun, such as World of
War craft, and many Real time strategy games or Role playing games or such. In fact,
according to Emily Anthes, a correspondent for the Boston Globe writes, “The very
structure of video games makes them ideal tools for brain training” and “The games
aren’t just hard - they’re adaptively hard. They tend to challenge people right at the edge
of their abilities. This adaptive challenge is ‘stunningly powerful’ for learning, said John
Gabrieli, a neuroscientist at MIT” (Anthes). The adaptive challenge that shows so much
potential for learning is also the cause of the addictiveness, which makes that challenge
all the more powerful because people wouldn’t want to stop playing. That does present
some problems but I believe that the positive effects far outweigh the (if any) negative
Lastly, probably the problem people are most concerned about is whether violent
video games cause violent behavior. I want to acknowledge that violent video games
probably cause violent thoughts; I want to dispute whether or not those thoughts translate
into violent behavior. Many people when trying to prove that violent video games
translate into violent behavior cite the various shootings and murders that people believe
were caused by video games. But I want to point out that there are millions of people
playing those games and they are not going on a killing rampage. I am saying that one-in-
a-million people go on killing rampages, and in many of those people you could probably
find a much better reason for them to murder: a broken messed up family, stress at school,
being hurt physically or emotionally by various people. Really, all forms of stress and
anger assist in a person committing homicide. To blame it all...

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