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Video Conference Essay

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• some small businesses have specific challenges that video teleconferencing (VTC) can help them overcome.
• Video conferencing is one technology that’s a smart investment, reducing your costs while making the most of the resources you have.
• video conferencing can serve multiple purposes within a small business—from online meetings and presentations to conducting training and providing customer support.
• Collaboration: Video conferencing solutions like Cisco WebEx let employees across your company share their expertise, resulting in more productive collaboration and faster decision-making. This increased productivity makes your company more efficient, further reducing costs
• Increased communication: Staying in touch with partners, suppliers, and customers is vital to the success of any small business. By combining better ...view middle of the document...

Their fee for this will probably be a lot less than getting them to are available in person they do not have any travel expenses. This opens the door to educating employees and allowing everyone to understand a new challenge from a few of the biggest names within your industry.
• Small businesses are getting to be a great deal more productive as a result of video conferencing. Fortunately they are becoming stronger than ever before by studying under big names within their industry that they wouldn’t otherwise be in a position to study on. You may even start getting paid to conference with other people when you have something worthwhile to talk about.
Better Engagement
Video conferencing also enables a small company to conduct more meetings and touch more potential customers. While someone who travels to meet with prospective clients may only be able to see one or two in a day, efficient use of video conferencing allows for that same person to meet with several customers in a given day.
Video conferencing gives a small business the opportunity to create the personal connection generated from meeting face to face with customers while being in another part of the country or even the world. Communicating via telephone simply does not allow for that same connection to be made on a personal level that can be achieved when you are seeing the people you are talking too.
The use of video conferencing can allow for a similar number of customer touches in a day that using a telephone can, while also making a personal connection that can only be made face to face.
When looking at it from a numbers perspective, it’s quite clear that using video conferencing to meet with customers is head and shoulders more efficient than traveling to meet in person, and more personal than talking on a telephone.

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