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Vidal Sassoon Essay

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How Vidal Sassoon could increase its brand awareness on the Danish market?
Theory of Science and Methodology

Abstract This paper is exploring the brand awareness for Vidal Sassoon in Denmark. The investigation conducted on this subject will touch the following points: brand awareness, characteristics of buying process in Danish market, the role of brand heritage for Danish consumer and the retail position and influences for the customer.


The writers will use in the following paper a deductive approach, using different theories explained further in the Methodology Chapter. Using the data collected through interviews and observation studies, we will define the findings and ...view middle of the document...

His saying “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” that eventually became the slogan of the Vidal Sassoon, is a translation of his commitment to his beloved passion and career.

The commercial nature of the Vidal Sassoon hair styles lead to his rise in both business and his influential status within the hairdressing industry. What Vidal Sassoon saw as his craft quickly turned into a multimillion dollar industry. In 1985 Sassoon sold his name to the manufacturers of hair care products and the multinational Procter & Gamble. The hairstyles and haircuts of Vidal Sassoon were all designed to be low maintenance and modern and this made his style the commercial force behind the hairstyling revolution that became salon perfect hair at home. Today, the brand Vidal Sassoon is known in electrical hair care appliances as VS Sassoon and the philosophy stands for a salon perfect hair we can all create at home. Vidal Sassoon and related logos are trademarks of The Procter & Gamble Company used under licence by Conair.


The Vidal Sassoon name has been synonymous with high fashion, glamour and style for more than 50 years. However a brief overview on the current VS brand performance reveals a situation that is not proportional to the brand’s history and heritage. In spite of the brand's continued success in Asia, where it is P&G's number one selling hair care line, its performance and popularity in Europe are far beyond the Asian ones, and indubitably they are different from what it used to be decades ago and what Vidal dreamed to have in the future. One reason for it might be the poor implementation of marketing activities by P&G. According to Mr. Sasson, that sued P&G in 2003, P&G destroyed his brand and name, leaving a heritage "in shambles" by withdrawing the big budget media and sophisticated marketing promised on the acquisition back in 1985. With this in mind, we were very curious to learn about how the brand is performing in Denmark. Therefore, through this report we aim to measure the brand positioning and perceived image among Danish people, to analyse the consumer behaviour and the retail activities linked to VS and ultimately to propose a marketing strategy that will increase the brand awareness of VS among Danish consumers.

Problem statement

How Vidal Sassoon could increase its brand awareness on the Danish market? 1. What is brand awareness? 2. What are the main characteristics of the buying process of electronic devices in Denmark ? 3. Is VS recognized by Danish consumers? And if yes, how do they perceive it? 4. How important is a brand heritage for the Danish consumers? 5. How does the retail influence the buying process for Vidal Sassoon? 6. What are the most effective marketing communication channels on the Danish market? 7. What marketing strategy could increase the brand awareness of Vidal Sassoon?


The report is focused on the perceived brand position and image of Vidal Sassoon in Denmark and sumups...

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