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Victoria Secret Brand Repositioning Essay

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Repositioning could help the company stay relevant to compete against competitor or to attract new customers. In this write-up, I focus on the later purpose and analyze the benefit of Victoria Secret Company from repositioning their brand to attract the older customer segment and international markets.
About Victoria’s Secret
Victoria Secret is the leading specialty retailer of women’s intimate and other apparel with fashion-inspired collections, prestige fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. It’s a segment under the mother company Limited Brands.
The brand is targeted to the late-teen and college-age woman with Victoria’s Secret Pink and sexy ...view middle of the document...

The Victoria’s Secret Show itself also created a more sophisticated and older image than the price, the store marketing and even the products. Older demographic segment does not have a connection with the company. All the shows, TV ads and marketing materials feature young and fancy white models with thin and uncommonly beautiful body, which make the older segment alienated from the brand. Everyone knows about the brand but only the younger group of customers decides to purchase the products. This is due to the targeting strategy and the differentiation message for the brand. However, the company did not tap into the big segment of older women or did not create connection with them in their marketing activities.
The brand should be repositioned to capture new customers who know the brand but don’t have connection or accessibility to the brand. By that way, the company could leverage the existing brand salience and expand their customer base.
Firstly about connection with customers, the new repositioned brand should be targeted differently to the capture the group:
- Age: Older segment
- Ethnicity: More diverse models including Black, Hispanic and Asian.
Regarding accessibility, the company could also create a global brand image and expand to many foreign countries in which they already have brand recognition due to the fame the Victoria Secret Show.
I suggest that the reposition campaign change their brand association of “young, sexy and unique woman” to “unique beauty of all women in the world”. The brand is still having TV ads with the slogan “there’s no other woman in the world LIKE ME” and it could be a transitional step towards this repositioning campaign. Instead of featuring white young top models in the show, the company could feature top models of different ages and/or races with the theme “all women are uniquely beautiful”. This change is not expected to add much cost to their current marketing activities.
Similar to Dove’s natural beauty campaign, this repositioning campaign gets out of the normal and traditional beauty concept, which may have some anti-views from customers. Also, the younger segment may find the brand older or less fun and stop purchasing the products. However, I believe the gained segment outweigh the loss in the existing segment as long as the company maintain their sexy and unique brand imag.
Also, the company needs to manage the image change and assure quality and consistency to every singly group of customers. Different product lines with different names could be a solution to this issue.
Reposition strategy for executing this change in customer perceptions.
In order to effectively manage the change and maintain the brand resonance, the company could maintain the main theme of “sexy and unique”. They should find top-notch models in different age segments and steer the association towards “more sophisticated and high-class” image.
Building up brand salience for the new image is very...

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