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Victims And Crime Essay

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Victims and Crime Evaluation Paper

Victims and Crime Evaluation Paper
Experiencing the traumatic events of being victimized is something no one ever wants to experience. A victim is an individual, no matter what title they may hold be it doctor, police officer, parent or child, who has underwent a crime or wrong doing for a specific purpose in which the criminal acts upon. More often than none, victims can be close relatives if designated by the courts in the event the victim is either deceased or debilitated (University of Phoenix, 2011). There was a time way back in the AD 400 era, which was known as the “Golden Age of the victim” ...view middle of the document...

These programs are there to keep the victim from becoming re-victimized by outside issues, like medical or loss of work due to the traumatic event. Many volunteers and professionals team together to assist the victim on things like how the judicial system functions or operates, keeps the victim up to date on any delays with the trail, contacts people the victim deems as important such as family, friends and employers, ensures the victim has access to other resources like financial assistance due to loss wages or medical cost from physical and psychological injuries, they also provide the victim with counseling, transportation, and will even provide needed child care during court visits along with other things. Having the assistance programs in place will help to give the victim a more positive outlook and hopefully help the victim overcome the traumatic event they so sadly went through.
The support system is not one-sided not only is there systems for the victim but also for the criminal offender. Problem solving courts are set up to work with prosecutors, social workers, probation officers, attorneys, and many others in rehabilitating the offender. Rehabilitating includes providing the offender with drug treatment programs, professional counseling, and job and educational training. If society is going to give the individual a second chance and release them back into society, rehabilitation has to take place. Rehabilitation guides the offender in ways on how to become a law abiding citizen, with the purpose helping them to prevent recidivism, it also allows them to establish employment and remain employed so that they can successfully provide for their family and oneself (Minnesota Judicial Branch, 2009).
The overall purpose of both systems is to punish the offender in a way that compensates the victim while rehabilitating the victim back to their previous state before the traumatic event occurred. It is also designed to rehabilitate the offender so that he or she can be able to live a productive life without crime. This is considered restorative justice, which allows the offender to do right in the eyes of the...

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