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Victim Of A Time Essay

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“Victim of a Time”
    Whether it is through discrimination, prejudice, or racism, every society is in some way marginalized. Where individuals grow up and learn their morals is often where they are most judged for their differences. This can be especially significant when it comes to how one thinks of himself. If the person is treated poorly and is discriminated against, they often become a victim in their society. It can be seen in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice that Shylock is the true victim. Shylock is truly victimized when he is mistreated, stolen from, and denied justice.
    The first demonstration of Shylock as a victim is when he is continuously spit on by ...view middle of the document...

This is significant because it proves how in a society there is always a bias that can cause individuals to have a difficult time escaping social rumors. Judgment can cause a certain view on a person, which they do not deserve, and is often hard to escape. Such treatment disables people in a society to have an equal opportunity at succeeding in life, which can lead to a life of failure and misery. Shylock was denied unbiased judgment and as a result was unable to contribute to his society in a positive way.  
    The final example of Shylock as a victim is when he is punished for trying to pursue the justice he deserves. For example, once Shylock is denied his sum in the bond, rather than leaving it at that, Portia states “The law yet another hold on you /.../ The party ‘gainst which he doth contrive/ Shall seize on half his goods;/ The other half comes to the privy coffer of the State” (4.1.344-351). In this quote it is proven that, along with being denied a normal, judgment-free life, Shylock is also punished for pursuing the judgment he deserves. This is significant because it shows how even when a person tries to stand up for themself and seek justice, they often face negative consequences. The consequences are...

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