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Versalius'/Harvey's Contribution To Medicine Essay

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Versalius'/Harvey's Contribution to Medicine

Versalius and Harvey's contribution to medicine were a detailed study
of the human anatomy and dissection. Both were Professors of Surgery
and made a great contribution to surgery. Andreas Versalius was born
in Brussels in1514 and studied medicine in Paris and Louvain and met
artists who were studying skeletons and dissecting bodies to make
paintings more realistic, Versalius discovered that Galen was wrong in
some important details of anatomy. After an argument in Louvain over
bleeding techniques he became professor of surgery and anatomy at
Padua.. Versalius did his own dissections and wrote books based on ...view middle of the document...

But no one proved how blood circulated
around in the body.

Harvey contribution to Human anatomy was that he discovered
circulation of blood in human body. He showed how blood is carried
away from the heart by the arteries and return to the heart in veins.
Harvey proved that heart act as a pump recirculating the blood and
that the blood does not burn up, so no other new organ is needed to
manufacture new blood. Harvey also identified the difference between
arteries and veins and he also noticed that blood changes colour as it
passed through the lungs.

Harvey proved he was right, by dissecting live, cold-blooded animals
whose hearts beat very slowly. This meant that he could see the
movements of each muscle in the heart. Harvey dissected human bodies
to build up a detailed knowledge of the heart. He tried to pump
liquids past the valves in the reins but he could not do so. He also
pushed thin rods down veins. This proved that the blood flowed in a
one-way system around the body. He measured the amount of blood moved
by each heartbeat, and calculated how much blood was in the body.
Whenever Harvey...

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