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Venue Security Plan Essay

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My Principle is a Mr John from North Wales who will be making an unannounced visit to the Stradey Park Hotel for an overnight stay in the Executive suite, whilst there he will visit the restaurant where his PPO will dine with him and he will possibly go for a walk around the grounds. There is a known threat from a Pakistani businessman that is long standing over money. The threat for this scenario is low.

Venue Security Plan
Venue Overview
Stradey Park Hotel
Llanelli SA15 4HA, United Kingdom
Telephone Number: 01554758171
4* Hotel with 83 rooms, 1 of which is an Executive suite and another is an executive bedroom. Four floors and a mezzanine (Executives suits located here between floors one and two).One main route in and out, two car parks upper and lower, no garage facilities, restaurant on site named Sapphires (located ground floor) and a rooftop residents bar located on fourth ...view middle of the document...

All corridors are covered by CCTV. The top car park is also covered by CCTV and we have pre booked a parking space in good sight of the cameras. We have also booked advance check in so Mr John can go straight to him suite on arrival. The restaurant has one main entry exit point and overlooks the coast line, there are no high rise buildings that can look into the restaurant and no areas with line of sight directly into it either.
Pick up/Drop off Point & Parking space


Car Parking space
Car Parking space

24 hr Reception
24 hr Reception

Pick up/Drop off Point
Pick up/Drop off Point

Restaurant & Bars
We have pre-selected a table with a good view of the coast line, The PPO will dine with Mr John with good line of sight on one entry/exit point and the rest of the team will sit as shown on the diagram with good eyes on the other entry/exit point, CCTV in the restaurant.

CPO 1 & CPO 2
CPO 1 & CPO 2
Principal & PPO
Principal & PPO

Restaurant Public Bar

Residents Bar Main corridor to Restaurant

Room Locations
One entance in and out of the mezaninne corridor, Principal staying in 124 with the CP team staying in 126. Rotation bases for night supervision.




Mobile phone Communications in the Hotel work well, number of alternatives available, Landline on reception, Dial 9 for outside line. WI-FI also available however it is not a secure network.
Health & Safety
Good range of fire extinguishers in the premises, C02, Water & Powder, one water reel located on first floor. Alarm test every Monday at 11:00 am, Muster point at lower car park by tree.

Fire muster point
Fire muster point

Local Area Information
Nearest Police Station –Waunlanyrafon Police Station, Llanelli, SA15 3AD, 01554 775187
Nearest Hospital-Prince Phillips Hospital, Bryngwyn Mawr, Dafen, Llanelli, SA14 8QF, 01554 756567

Emergency RV points
In the event we have to leave the hotel following an incident
ERV 1- 21st Century Church
ERV 2- All in One Fitness

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