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Vegetarianism Essay

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Topic: Vegetarianism
Attention getter:
I’d like to start off my speech with the words of George Bernard Shaw:
"Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends."
Purpose and Thesis: As you may have guessed, today I’ll try to persuade you all to consider thinking about being vegetarian.
Enumerated Preview: Vegetarianism used to be an unusual lifestyle choice. Today it is becoming more common and accepted by mainstream society. While there are many reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet, I’ll tell you the most important ones. Throughout the course of this presentation, we will see the personal health advantages of becoming a vegetarian, our ability ...view middle of the document...

That's partly because, in general, vegetarians are more health-conscious than most people, and are more likely to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco, and are more likely to exercise regularly.
Transition: Of course, we are not the only ones who stand to gain health benefits from vegetarianism. The animals that are not killed on behalf of our taste buds will thank us, too. Slaughterhouses are unpleasant places. Workers have to wear ear protection against the screams of animals, the coppery scent of blood permeates everything, and we kill simply because we can’t live without the taste of hamburger. However...
II. Becoming a vegetarian can help prevent animal cruelty.
A. In article published on their website in 2007, the Humane Society of the United States reported that, “As male chicks cannot lay eggs and aren’t the same breeds as those chickens raised for meat, they are of no value to the egg or broiler industries. Shortly after hatching, hundreds of millions of unwanted male chicks are killed by the commercial egg industry annually, usually by gassing, crushing, or suffocation.”
B. Meat-eaters consume a huge number of animals in their lifetime. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 33.698 million cattle were commercially slaughtered in 2006. These animals were killed for absolutely no reason, since people can get the same (and better) nutrition from plant sources. As you can see, although they have to balance their diets carefully, vegetarians use a plant-based food pyramid to plan their meals.
C. By eating meat, we support the meat industry and their practices of animal cruelty. If more people became vegetarians, demand for meat would go down and companies would, therefore, be forced to cut back on animal cruelty.
Transition: Companies would also be forced to cut back on their...

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