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Vegetable Essay

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Running Head: Vegetarianism

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The habit of living exclusively on vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals and not including meat is known as vegetarianism (Beardworth, 2005). Vegetarianism has been practiced for various reasons. They may be ethical, austere or health reasons. Vegetarians do not include any kind of meat in their diet. Studies have shown that well organized vegetarian diets are good for the human health. Most of the vegetable diets fulfill daily requirements that are needed for the human body to stay healthy. A person living on vegetable diet has low risks of fatal diseases such as ...view middle of the document...

According to Peter Singer, if choice of existence is given, then there is no need to kill any animal for food (Beardworth, 2005). Many ethical vegetarians express their disagreement that the same reasons survive against killing animals for food as against killing humans to eat. Just like humans, animals do not want to die. They have expectations from their life and want to live their life fullest. Also, animals getting killed are subjected to high levels of terror and agony. The butchery of an innocent animal cannot be accepted at all. In crisis and urgent situations it is tolerable to consume meat but eating meat for the sake of good flavor, appropriateness or nutritional value cannot be tolerated at any cost.
Many animals are treated like piece of goods that do not have any feelings. Their emotions and feelings are just like ours. This knowledge helps us to recognize the reality we should be kind and caring towards animals. We should not mistreat these animals and we should feel the pain and suffering they go through. Love, compassion, kindness, sympathy and courtesy are a godly quality that distinguishes between animals and humans. Leonardo da Vinci was a renowned artist and he was a vegetarian. He stated that cruelty is part of human nature and this makes him the worst creation ever to live on the planet earth (Beardworth, 2005).

The Healthy Lifestyle of Vegetarianism
According to the American Health association, people who follow vegetable diets are healthier than people who consume large amount of meat (Amato, 1999).Individuals who follow vegetarianism have low body mass index, low cholesterol levels, stabilize blood pressure which reduces the risks of diseases such as hypertension, heart diseases (Cloe, 2005). Vegetarianism also reduces the risk of brain diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and other disorders. Studies have shown that intake of red meat can cause the above mentioned diseases (Amato, 1999). According to the British Health Association, a vegetarian diet adds up additional 2-3 years of life. Moreover, studies conducted in France showed that people who live Southern France have high life expectation than the ones who are living in Northern France because they follow a vegetarian diet (Amato, 1999). Wide range of animal food safety and security frights and fear have increased extensively. Diseases like Mad Cow diseases and Bird flu have made people to change their eating habits. Either they become semi vegetarians or pure vegetarians.
The Sin of Killing Animals
It will not be surprising to note that many people became vegetarian. Pythagoras was a philosopher who had expressed that all living things have souls and therefore all creatures are worthy to be treated compassionately. He further states that eating the meat of an animal is just like eating the meat of the dead cousin. This is the earliest history of vegetarianism which proves that even in the world where sacred customs and traditions of animal...

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