Varying Moods In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Varying Moods in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


This essay focuses on the moods and language used in this act. This
helps to get a better understanding of what the play is really about.

This scene opens with Capulet welcoming his guests to his home. With
the great amount of guests he thinks this makes him more popular than
Montague. Capulet is in a jolly mood; he makes jokes as he quickly
introduces himself to everyone. He wants people to begin the
festivities. "Welcome, gentlemen! Ladies that have toes unplagu'd with
corns will walk a bout with you". He is making fun of the old women,
to try and become more popular, with ...view middle of the document...

He recognises Romeo as the enemy
and wants to live up to his nobility of a Capulet, and fight him.
Capulet spots him and tells him that he should not fight him. "Content
thee, gentle coz, let him alone, a'bears him like a portly gentlemen".
He is trying to tell him that he should be civil and not fight in
front of all the guests. Tybalt finds this insulting, and that Capulet
is not being himself. "Why, Uncle, 'tis a shame". Tybalt feels that he
will have to keep his honour as a Capulet, and restrain himself until
after the party. " I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now
seeming sweet, convert to bitt'rest gall".

In these lines, there is a strong opposite of words, which are
describing the same thing. When Romeo and Juliet meet, and Romeo is
shocked by her beauty. This exchange between Romeo and Juliet is a
sonnet, a popular form of love poetry in Elizabethan times. A sonnet
has fourteen lies and ten syllables in each line. The rhyme scheme is
structured as follows:

The first eight lines A-B-A-B-C-D-C-D. The following four lines
E-F-E-F. The final couplet G-G.

Shakespeare creates a sonnet for dramatic effect. It makes the
audience or reader pay attention as the dialogue becomes more poetic
and lyrical. The sonnet is based on love and it uses religious imagery
as Romeo feels that Juliet's beauty is the work of God. "This holy
shrine, the gentle sin is this, My lips two blushing pilgrims, ready
stand, To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss". Shakespeare
uses religious imagery because in those times it was considered as a
very important way of life. People would readily understand the images
and stories. In these lines he says that he would do anything just to
receive a kiss from fair Juliet. A sonnet is used to create love
through language. This is effective and makes the scene more romantic
and passionate.

Through this scene...

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