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Vark Learning Styles Essay

950 words - 4 pages

VARK Learning Styles
Diane Harman
Grand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health Promotion

November 09, 2013

VARK Learning Styles
Learning styles can be defines as the way an individual processes and obtains information. Learning styles vary for each individual. The VARK model, designed by Neil Fleming, is a guide that focuses on 4 different learning styles, Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. Students who utilize the VARK model, to focus on preferred learning styles may increase their educational experience, and satisfaction with the learning process. This paper will focus on the preferred learning styles, strategies, and changes to current learning ...view middle of the document...

Visual aids such as, grafts, models further enhance the concepts and satisfaction with learning. Another strategy utilized by the author, is the formation of grafts or picture drawn into notes to help organize the concepts being taught, when this is not done, notes tend to be unorganized and superfluous for future reference. (Fleming, 1995)
Comparing Preferred Learning Strategies to Identified Strategies, and Changes
Learning strategies are often the result of trial and error, many individuals have developed preferred learning strategies in order to find success. The author, upon completion of the VARK Learning Style Assessment, was surprised to find the learning strategies currently being used were very similar, in fact matching, almost perfectly to the identified strategies in the VARK assessment. Reviewing the information provided in the helpsheets from the VARK analysis the author noted several strategies recommended were already being utilized, such as, note taking, requesting real life examples or graft/pictures to enhance learning. The need for people with multiple preferences for learning is the use of several different strategies in order to process and obtain information. There are, also, noted differences between learning who are multimodal, as presented in the VARK analysis. The author is a multimodal learning and made 34 selections on the questionnaire, differences were noted between individuals who chose greater than 30 and less than 25 on the multimodal strategy help sheet. Individuals who choose greater than 30 tend to require and utilize combinations of preferences to fully understand material being taught. However, it was noted that multimodal learners who selected less than 25 were more likely to choose the learning style with the highest score. (Flemming, 2001-2011) This helped to explain why the author will seek out other avenues of learning if the material was presented in only one form, such as hands on experiences, models or examples to supplement learning. Valuable changes to study habits for the author will incorporate...

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