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Vark Learning Analysis

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VARK Learning Analysis

December 27, 2014

Everyone learns differently not all learners are the same, each individual has a unique and complex system of thinking and learning. But knowing personal preferred learning style can increase the chance of success in school or at work and can enhance self-esteem. “Learning style varies with the personality style”. (Barman, A; Jaafar, R; & Rahim, A; 2009, p.257). Studies have shown that researchers have found various styles of learning but the most famous modal was created by Neil Fleming, an educator, who designed VARK Learning Style which increase the ability of students to improve their learning to be a successful to achieve their goals ...view middle of the document...

The author learning style is favorable to use all the style of visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic. Multimodal learners use different strategies, for example during class learners prefer visual stimulation such as video presentation by using visual modal, they respond to class discussion and participate by using aural modal, take notes in class, read and re write them in own words by using read/write modal and perform some hands on activity such as lab setting where he/she can manipulate materials by using kinesthetic modal. An individual with multimodal learners do not like to use a single method. They rather learn from multiple modalities. “They are reluctant to act on a single mode”. (Fleming, N; 2001-2011). Multimodal learner like information from different modes. These learners don’t learn just by sitting in the classroom. They discuss and fully participate with their class mates. The learners listen to the educator, take notes, re read their material, and complete their assignments to be successful in learning. These learners share their ideas and talk about what they are learning, make notes and relate it with their knowledge and their experiences. They apply this learning skills to their day to day activities. Multimodal learners can learn better by using multiple strategies. This strategies include demonstration, role play, stimulation, and games, all these strategies promote group work and generate high level of motivation and enthusiasm. Further it promoting critical thinking and improve problem solving approach. A student should have good knowledge along with practical experience to gain a good result. Outdoor activities are more important for practical experience and are more preferable than reading materials.
Everyone has different learning style but the learner should has willingness to learn that play a vital role in his/her education or carrier. When implementing care to the patient, the...

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