Various Types Of Magnetic Separators In Mining Industry

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In magnetic separator, slurry enters chute through ore tank firstly, and then separating zone by waterpower. Mineral with strong magnetism is absorbed on the barrel surface, sent for concentrate discharging zone and discharged into concentrate box by water effect. Gangue and ore with weak magnetism are discharged into a pipe in opposite direction of barrel.

Magnetic separator are various: can be divided into dry strong magnetic disc magnetic separation machine, flat ring strong magnetic field magnetic separation machine, SHP type wet strong magnetic field magnetic separator, and made ring wet strong magnetic field magnetic separator.

(1) dry strong magnetic disc magnetic separator
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(2) flat ring strong magnetic field magnetic separator
Flat ring strong magnetic field magnetic separation machine structure characteristic is the ring chain debate closed magnetic circuit, copper pipe coil, low voltage large current field, water inside cold heat cooling, tooth plate separation medium. This machine is composed of the feed device, concentrate and middling flushing device, sorting swivel, magnetic system, answer mine device, a transmission device, dc power supply components. Magnetic system novel structure. The internal and external concentric magnetic moment, radial core and coil composition. Spindle is located in the center of the circular closed magnetic circuit, no magnetic line of force through the. Coil by 22 by 15 x 2 mm square copper winding and become, each outer core coil and turns, inner core coil 66 turn, and close to a head. Coil of the cooling water used in cold way, has a good cooling effect, low cost, no noise etc.

(3) the SHP type wet strong magnetic field magnetic separator
SHP type wet strong magnetic field magnetic separation machine also called double disk strong magnetic separation machine, is the imitation foreign JONES (JONES) strong magnetic machine information development and become magnetic separation equipment. In the steel frame with two U yoke, in magnetic yoke level department sets a magnet coil, with axial flow fan for forced cooling. Upper and lower sorting disc and installed in vertical center axis, disc in two relative rotation between the poles, through the U type yoke pole and upper and lower two sorting disc constitute a closed magnetic, and upper and lower sorting disc is magnetic circuit of the main circuit. Disk surrounding the cloth has 17 sorting room, indoor together with...

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