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Various Problems Essay

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Name: Agnes G. Tapao

Instructor: Ms. Rebecca delos Santos

Schedule: Saturday- 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Respondent’s Name: Bless D. Lumpay Date of Interview: March 18, 2015

I. Background:

This interview was conducted near the Public Market of Minglanilla, City, Cebu at around 9 o’clock in the morning.
She is Bless D. Lumpay, a 17 year old girl. She is the eldest daughter of Mr. Dominggo Lumpay and Ms. Myrna Lumpay. Her father and mother are both 50 years old. Her parents doesn’t have jobs for now. She has a younger brother named Blair D. Lumpay who is 14 years old and a grade 9 student of St. Catherine’s College ...view middle of the document...

She then realized of continuing her first course since her family supports her in the said field.
After days and months of being a Civil Engineering student, she felt exhausted and hopeless due to lots of projects especially to her major subject area which is Math. Obviously, she’ll be facing lots of mathematical equations to be solved and will encounter numerical values, graphs and drawings since she’s with an engineering course.
These things make her hard to pursue her studies. She needs to focus and observe on every angle of her work to create an appropriate one. It could only take one mistake to vanish all the things she tries to work hard. With this, she is now losing eagerness and willingness in continuing to do perfection prior to her works and activities in school. Her class starts at 12 0’clock in the afternoon but she wakes up midnight just to study and finish her drawing activities. She also goes to bed late to continue some of her minor but considered as major activities. Doing and continuing the course she does not love at first make her feel bored and tired. She came to a point that she decided stop her studies but her parents did not allow her. Probably all the things she need to do are being done with force and not with real willingness.
Her second problem is her parents. Her parents doesn’t have jobs for now. She expected that her mother will be a housewife since they need someone to manage them at home. Unfortunately, she feels hopeless because until now her father still does not find job. Considering that she and her younger brother are currently studying both in private institutions, having no money is really a big problem for them. She said that they cannot say no to their tuition fees and other school finances. Somewhat like they’re used to have a fair life of living before but after her father got back here in the Philippines, he is now suffering difficulty in looking for a job. It would almost be two years by October. She admitted that she and her brother are being raised before with enough money to support them that’s why her parents can afford to send them into private schools. During those times she didn’t have to budget her allowance wisely since she will still have extra money to buy whatever she likes. She considered it as an oppurtunity and a blessing. Now she can say that they’re quite down. Fortunately they can still eat three times a day, pay their electric bills and go to their schools. These are through with the help of her Aunt who lives outside the country. Her Aunt is her mother’s younger sister and is also managing her own family. They are being supported financially every month. It’s her mother who budgets the money for the expenses. This somehow lessen the financial burden of her family.
As to with Bless and her mother, it’s a nice feeling to live with their own hardwork and money and to have your own source of income. They don’t like to always rely on someone for them to survive in their daily...

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