Vampirism: Reality Or Strictly Fantasy? Essay

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Vampirism is not an author’s imagination, or terminology, but for some category of people; it is a life dogma and path they willfully and viciously want to follow. According to Foster, vampirism is about selfishness, and denying other people’s rights to live in order to meet one’s own demands. The unusual vampirism, through the detailed description, complex syntax, and unusual diction, demonstrates the destructive consequences of violence on human beings leading the lives of the victims as well as their families to be shed into pieces.
Mr. Harvey’s vampirism in The Lovely Bones distorts the Salmons’ persistence as well as their inability to accept the reality of Susie’s ...view middle of the document...

The Salmons are in fact forcing themselves to believe the uncertainty, in a way to escape facing Susie’s death. Although Susie is dead already, the truth to be said is that the reality of her death has not hit her home yet. “Mr. Salmon…with the amount of blood we’ve found, and the violence…your daughter has been killed…But there is no body…All evidence points to your daughter’s death” (Sebold 28). It is evident that the Salmons find their beliefs about the uncertainty as prisons trapping them, and preventing them from accepting her violent death.
Furthermore, Harvey’s atrocious act of violence had its adverse repercussions on everyone including himself. According to Foster, “Violence is one of the most personal and even intimate acts between human beings…It can be symbolic…” (88). Harvey’s violent nature of raping and then killing his victims reveals his greatest despair to be loved by women, and his deepest desire to satisfy his own lust to the extent of denying his victims’ rights to live. “Tell me you love me…Gently I did. The end came anyway” (Sebold 15). His inability to earn his mother’s love has inadvertently led Harvey to satisfy his own lustful desires only through his violent behaviors. Only through raping and killing them, Harvey feels satisfied as never before to the extreme. “He congratulated himself, felt full-up...a gift to himself”( Sebold 51). Harvey’s heart has tragically transformed into a heart of stone, which feels no remorse about his evil actions or about the pain that his actions are inflicting on others. Furthermore, other victims are Susie’s family, particularly her mother. Susie’s rape that ended into a murder had dramatically changed the entire life of her family, and mostly afflicted was Abigail. Sadly, Abigail’s inability to accept Susie’s death led her to seek a relationship with Len Fenerman in order to set her mind off her daughter’s death. “I felt the kisses…They were whispers calling her away from me and from her family and from her grief…she followed with her body” (Sebold 196). Harvey’s violent murder of Susie had forcefully shaken Abigail, and uncovered her inability to accept her family’s obsession, and led her to commit adultery. “To find a doorway out of her ruined heart, in merciful adultery” (Sebold 197). It is evident that Abigail has found herself trapped in an unbreakable chain of denial and Len “granted” her a vent out of her “ruined heart”.
Equally important, Harvey’s vampirism also usurps the victims’ rights to live and break their dreams apart. According to Foster, “Vampirism… selfishness, exploitation, a refusal to respect the autonomy of other people” (16). Tragically, Harvey is a vampire because of his evil desire to be alive at the cost of his victims’ lives. Eventually, his selfishness became his prison where he caged his soul, and prevented him from every human feeling of the pain that he inflicts on others. “Harvey made me lie still underneath him…He had done this...

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