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Values Essay

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In this essay I will explain how social care values and principles influence

practice. I will then go on to examine these issues in relation to anti-

discriminatory practice. A value is something that is important to us and

something that has a sense of worth. These can be influenced by primary

socialisation, our parents passing on their values to us, or secondary socialisation

which would be values learnt from peers or teachers. Amongst the many values I

live my life by are respecting others, dignity and being trustworthy. Having these

values in a social care context means that I always respect services users and

respect the decisions they make whether I agree with ...view middle of the document...


(HSC33.K7) Being non judgemental is a fundamental value of social care

because every service user has a story behind them and judging them may only

affect them in a bad way. By being non-judgemental we are listening to the

service user and not judging them but in fact are showing them we are there for

them no matter what history or present they carry. This will make the service user

feel more secure and feel they are able to talk to us without us judging them in

any way.

Everyone has their own values and at times these can be in conflict. I remember a time when I was racially abused by a girl on a social networking website. Not only did this upset me but it went against my value of respect. I value my religion very much and that is my choice so when this girl thought it was fine to be abusive to me I felt disgusted and in particular upset at the fact that it was on a website to be advertised for everyone to see. It showed me how this girl’s value of disrespect and being judgemental were very different from my values and how this resulted in a conflict. (HSC32.K7) I felt my values were challenged at this point but I would never disrespect anyone I highly believe in “treating others the way you would like to be treated” therefore did not rise to the comments that were made and reported her to the authority. The matter was resolved fairly quickly and the girl was charged and found guilty. I was happy with the end result as I believe the girl regretted the comments she had made and realised she was in the wrong. Anti-discriminatory practice is when you take action against discrimination. It is when discrimination witnessed is challenged and the values that underpin such practice would be treating others with respect and equality regardless of gender, race or disability. These values can be influenced by sociological concepts such as stigma and labelling. Being stigmatised is being categorised as differently in a negative way which can influence values because professionals may “follow the crowd” and treat the individual affected around this stigma but then again looking at it in a positive way, if the individual addresses the stigma and talks to other people...

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