Values And Ethics In A Global Setting

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Values and Ethics in a Global Setting
Values and Ethics in a Global Setting
Everyone has values and ethics. Values and ethics are taught, borrowed, experienced, and it is at the same time individual. Families, groups, organizations, and even businesses around the globe use values and ethics. As business globalization grows it becomes a immense concern for all involved as the differences in values and ethics are apparent and get magnified opening up greater problems then just language barriers, currencies, or differences in business cultures.
Local Values and Ethics
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What is thought to be ethical business operations in India may be considered bribery in the U.S. So how do we overcome these obstacles and get down to business. Do we rely on the United Nations, which has in the past tried to formalize values and ethics, or does each government come to an agreement with all the other governments or is it up to each business or corporation.
Are the Two Mutually Exclusive
A business must be able to meld the two cultures together and form one cohesive working group. More than a few attempts to get values and codes of ethic down on paper and get the world government and business communities to agree on these have been tried. K. A. Getz (Getz,1990) analyzed international codes of conduct in four entities: (1) the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which is the primary policymaker for industrialized nations, (2) the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which is concerned with fair treatment among multinational corporations, (3) the International Labor Organization (ILO), which is concerned with direct investment in developing countries, and (4) the Center for Transnational Corporations (CTC), whose objective is to maximize the contributions of transnational corporations to economic development and growth and to minimize the negative effects of the activities of these corporations. Irja Mahdavi (Mahdavi, 1990) discusses these various codes were developed in order to establish order among multinational corporations; although, some organizations refuse to abide by these codes,...

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