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Value Of A College Degree Essay

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College Degree: “That Will be $25,000; Will That be Cash?”
The value of a college degree is a controversial issue which is extremely important in today’s society. The long term value of further educating oneself can be incredibly profitable especially if a student’s fully utilizes the opportunities available for them. Acquiring a college degree is a great beneficial accomplishment which should not be taken lightly. However, some people disagree. While there are careers that do not require a college degree, and allows one to live comfortably. College is not for everyone, parents should monitor their children’s high school report cards and study habits before making a decision to send them ...view middle of the document...

If done before graduation, most students will have a job waiting for them upon their graduation at the same location as they have interned, or at other company locations. An internship is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a specific occupational field. An internship also gives someone the opportunity to meet with company managers, executives and peers. If the student does not have time to get involved in an internship they should be actively networking with others of their major. Making connections and building relationships and can be a great way to learn what is required in particular career field and may lead to future employment “It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know.”
The value of a college education is not declining but the value of a bachelors degree is. A master’s degree almost guarantees a career in the student’s field of study. It shows that the student focused in their field of study; while a bachelor’s degree shows that one has a general knowledge (Mad Economist Magazine). This can be compared to the difference between a standard infantry army soldier and an Army Ranger. The infantry soldier has been taught the basic fighting principles. An Army Ranger has those same basic principles but specializes in search and rescue combat. A bachelors’ degree is still an accomplishment none the less; if someone is planning to attend college and pay the thousands of dollars, they should plan to pursue a master’s degree taking in to...

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