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Value Assignment

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Value Assignment


Surprise Endodontics is a dental office that only provides root canal treatment to patients in need. The values at my work places evolved because of two doctors: Frank Castano and Jason Booth. In this paper I will analyze the origin and subsequent evolution of my personal and workplace vales. I will also explain how my individual vales drive my actions at work. I will also analyze Surprise Endodontics when it comes to the stated values and the organizations actual plans and actions. Finally I will explain the difference and analyze the degree of alignment between my vales and the organizations values as reflected by the organizations plans and actions.
Dr. Booth and Castano created their business values by experience. They both worked at a company called North West Valley Endodontics. They did not like the way the owners treated employees. They both decided that they could open an ...view middle of the document...

The doctors wanted employees to value their jobs allowing the “revolving door” to be diminished.
I tried 6 months to get a job at Surprise Endodontics. I knew that they took care of their employees in return for a good employee. When I finally got my job at Surprise Endodontics I was elated. I knew I deserved a job that came with benefit and good pay. I was raised to work; everybody in my family has always been hard workers and installed those values in me. My family is the type that does not call in and works hours that are requested by their employer. Every job that I have had I have never called in because I was sick. If my children get sick sometimes I do not have a choice. The doctors at my work do not call in either. We all have the understanding that we have a schedule to follow and a headache should not affect the schedule at work. All the employees at my work at on the same page and have the same values.
There are no stated values at my work. All the employees know what is expected based on previous employees. There have been some employees that have not made it over one week at my work. There were also two employees that were fired because they were not team players. The doctors do not like to act as “teachers” or “babysitter”. If there is a problem they expect the employees to fix it. They expect everyone to be on the same team and work together without attitudes. When the doctors see that an employee is not being a team player or that person is causing problems they get rid of them. The doctor’s treat all the employees well in return they expect their business to run smoothly.
My work place and my personal values are extremely parallel. I think both values grew into one since the time I have became an employee there. There is a great deal that I have given to my workplace and vice versa. I know what the doctors expect from me and I pass that along to my children. There are some sayings that I have picked up from the doctors at work. For example Dr. Castano always tells us there is an excuse for everything. I now find myself telling my kids the same thing. My kids see that I enjoy my job and do not miss work because I am lazy. I think that if your employer treats you fairly then you should in return give a good output.

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