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Valuable Chinese Inventions Essay

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Valuable Chinese Inventions
Strayer University

Valuable Chinese Inventions

The Chinese have made many useful inventions that have advanced their culture and others around the world. If it wasn’t for such great ingenious inventions, life even today would be drastically different. Think of that beautiful silk scarf you have being nonexistent. Imagine wars being fought today without guns and grenades. Think of enjoying delicious dishes such as soup and spaghetti without those stringy satisfying noodles. The Chinese people have made spectacular inventions such as great fabrics like silk to innovative combat aids such as Gunpowder and possibly even noodles. In my quest to win a trip to ...view middle of the document...

The result was a thin material, which could be easily written on. The first paper was very rough, but did however hold ink for long periods of time (Clark, 2013).
The Wheelbarrow was invented by Jugo Liang, who lived during the Han Dynasty. He came up with the concept of a one-wheeled cart used to carry heavy objects, mainly for military purposes. Liang’s Wheelbarrow did not include handles. People would grip the sides of the barrow to push it, but it was uncomfortable and lacked the user of control. Liang’s idea wasn’t perfect, but his concept did allow others to better the invention (Clark, 2013).
Alcohol was made by the Chinese, using the process of fermentation and distillation of foods such as vinegar and wheat. The intended use of the liquids, were to be used on foods, such as a commandment. People whom eat the sauces found them to be biter and made them sick for short periods of time. A new use for the sauces soon came to light, it then became a beverage used at celebrations, as a special occasion drink (Clark, 2013).
An astronomer named Chang Heng invented an earthquake detector called a seismograph. The seismograph was a heavy vessel, which featured nine spaced openings facing the downwards direction. Below each opening was a detached open pocket. Inside the creation was a pendulum powered by tremor. When in motion, a ball held within the confines of the openings would release towards the earthquake’s direction. The ball would then simply fall into the pocket, due to the chain reaction (Clark, 2013).
A mathematician and a Buddhist Monk named Yi Xing invented the clock during the Tang Dynasty. The clock operated with water steadily dripping on a wheel. It made a full rotation at sunset. The clocks were big and were made of steal and copper. Astronomer and mechanist Su Song whom lived during the Song Dynasty, created a more modern looking clock. Song’s modern clock followed Xing’s design, however it used the sun’s shadow as a guide rather than a spinning wheel (Liyao, 2011).
The Chinese used silkworms to create a fabric called silk, named based off the material’s producer. Silkworms leave behind a stringy material used for nesting purposes. The material soft in texture and has a polished look. The Chinese washed the material and used it to knit, similar to thread. After the discovery of its lasting and soft outcome, people later dyed silk making it even more appealing (Liyao, 2011).
The number of Chinese inventions is enormous, however the impact of the inventions are even greater. Almost all of inventions serve importance, but there are a few that such be highlighted. Paper is an ingenuous invention because of its simple design but its great use....

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