Valentine Story Essay

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Our Love- Chapter One

The valentines dance was coming up at Niall and Micayla's school. They were bestfriends. They both secretly liked eachother, but neither of them knew it.

Micayla was just about to leave for school when she got a text from her bestfriend Niall.

Niall(7:45am): hay gurl hay. uh, I know it's so close to the dance and all, but will you go with me? Just as friends though, haha.

Micayla(7:45am): sure. I needed someone to go with, lol. and yeah, just as friends.. see you at school.

Micayla began walking to school, so happy that Niall was taking her to the date.

Once Micayla got to school, she ran to tell her other girl bestfriend, Sophie. "SOPHHH. Niall ...view middle of the document...

oops, hand cramp, meant love. Oh, and right back at ya beautiful.(;

Micayla raised her hand.

"Yes Kayla?" said Mr.Payne. "may I go to the bathroom?" Kayla asked. Mr.Payne nodded. Micayla stood up and walked to the bathroom. She locked the door and sat on the ground. Tears began to stream down her face, onto her chin. She was in there for a while, slapping and punching herself. After an hour, she passed out.
Micayla layed on the cold ground, passed out for thirty minutes until the principal unlocked the door. she stood up and walked out to lunch, like nothing happened.

Chapter 2 - Our Love

Micayla gave Sophie a dirty look as she passed. This angered Sophie, so she got up and shouted "OH. SO YOU'RE JUST THAT CHILDISH. REALLY, YOU'RE SO STUPID. EVERYONE HATES YOU. GO DIE." Micayla smiled. "you low life, idiot. You think you control me? NO. Don't tell me to die. Don't tell anyone to die. I thought we were gonna be nice about this? Guess not. Oh, you know how you told Niall I liked him? Well I have a treat for you." Micayla said, and she stood on the tabletop. "Sophie, weren't you telling me that you still had feelings for Harry? Yeah how does it feel? Now EVERYONE knows I like Niall and that you like Harry. I hope you're happy. goodbye." As Micayla walks away, Sophie tackles her. "I HATE YOU. SO MUCH!" Sophie punches Micayla. "WHY. WHY. TELL ME WHY." micayla said. "JUST SHUT UP AND DIE!!!" Sophie shouted, throwing another punch at her face. Niall walked out of the bathroom and saw sophie nearly killing Micayla and ran to help her. When Sophie saw Niall rushing over, she started choking her. "Niall, she doesn't have any marks. she's fine. chill." Sophie said. Niall shoved sophie onto her face, and pulled Micayla up. "let's go.." said Micayla.

Niall and Micayla arrived at Micaylas home. They went up to her room, and Niall made sure she was okay. "I can't believe she did that... thanks for saving me.." Micayla said. "It was nothing. She's lucky I didn't tear her head off." Niall said. there was a bit of silence till Niall asked "Is it true? Do you.. like me?" Micayla was nervous, but she replied with "um... kinda.. yeah. well, a lot yes. I guess you're gonna run away now." a tear streamed down Micaylas face. "well... I really like you.. a lot. That's why I asked you to the dance."

*Micayla's mom walks in* "Micayla, Niall. It's time for dinner, Niall your parents want you home after you eat." Her mom said, then walked down to set the table.

Niall & Micayla walked into the dining room to eat. When they sat down, they saw steak, mashed potatoes and maccaroni and cheese set up, to dig in. They put the food on their plates and began eating. "So Niall, I hear you're taking Micayla to the Valentines dance tomorrow?" Micaylas mom said. "MOM!" Micayla whispered. "haha it's ok Kayla, but yes I am." Niall said.

Once dinner was finished, Niall's parents picked him up when he finished. Micayla's mother took her dress shopping....

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