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Vaccination, First Draft Essay

1478 words - 6 pages

Note: The original essay is much longer than this and it comes with footnotes. Due to the inability for me to send in Word documents with footnotes, I had to copy and paste a part of this essay. As of now, I'm not concerned with APA or MLA formatting. Instead, grammar and the like are my top priorities.

In this essay, I am going to tackle an issue that has been promoted by Bill Maher , Jenny McCarthy and the rest of the anti-vaccination crowd. Vaccines do more harm than good. There are several questions that must be answered. First, are vaccines really more harm than good? Who is behind the modern day anti-vaccination movement and how did it first began? Is the anti-vaccination ...view middle of the document...

It prevents disease. Once the effectiveness of these early forums of inoculation was shown to the public, the opposition started to lose a lot of ground. Not to mention that people like Massy and his ilk were already outnumbered to begin with. Furthermore, Reverend Edward Massey couldn’t use the typical arguments used by Bill Maher and Jenny McCarthy because such things as mercury in vaccines, getting AIDS from dirty needles etc. were not conceived during Massey’s time. It’s also interesting to note that, in spite of Bill Maher’s anti-religious views, McCarthy’s career as a Playboy model and Edward Massey’s priesthood, they can all agree (with different points and reasons) that vaccines do more harm than good.
Here are three of the most common claims, which I’ve heard, that are made in opposition to vaccines. I’m excluding the, “vaccines contain mercury, aborted fetal tissue, rat poison etc.” claims because there’s so much material out there that can debunk that nonsense far better than I could. However, I’ll note those sources at the end of this essay.

Here are the claims:
1. Vaccines can weaken, or compromise, the immune system so that Big Pharma can keep you sick so that they can get rich.
2. You can die from getting a vaccine shot since some people are allergic to the ingredients contained in them.
3. You can die from the vaccine shot itself.

The first claim is counterproductive to the purpose of vaccines, and it’s really two claims in one. First, vaccines are made to strengthen the immune system against viruses, not weaken it. However, there are a few cases where vaccines can trigger a phenomenon known as immunosuppression which is probably where the claim originated. Not only is this phenomenon rare, it doesn’t last long enough for someone to be exposed to another foreign disease. Furthermore, this can also be triggered by contaminated needles and not the content of the vaccine solution itself (see rebuttal to third claim). Finally, a recent study in Germany has shown that people who’ve received vaccines are less likely to get infected than the ones who received no vaccinations so it appears that vaccines, do not compromise, or weaken, the immune system to such a degree that it is hazardous.

Secondly, if “Big Pharma” wanted to keep you sick, they wouldn’t be giving you something to make you more resistant, or immune, to a disease. Also, there are multiple pharmaceutical companies that are out there and the idea that they are all in the same room together is absurd. To imagine this “Big Pharma” conspiracy, you have to accept the absurdity that the CEOs of each and every one of those companies are not out to bump off the other guy, financially speaking of course. Consider the fact that the development and improvement of a single medical procedure, such as vaccines, can be used to wipe out a competitor or maybe even the rest of the competition…a sort of a corporate atomic weapon for pharmaceutical companies....

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