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V For Vendetta Essay

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The film V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue, is a story about shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" who along with his companion Evey Hammond, completes V’s vendetta of blowing up parliament and removing the governments’ control. In the film an idea that was worth learning about was that ideas are very powerful and live beyond the death of individuals. This is shown throughout the film by the use of costume, dialogue and symbolism.Costume is illustrated in V for vendetta by the Guy Fawkes mask V wears. This allows the community to see him not as an individual but as a metaphorical creature portraying the idea of hope. This is explained at the ...view middle of the document...

His quote “Words will always retain their power†illustrates to us how the media is an influential tool of social and political control. The biased media uses this to their advantage labeling V as a “psychotic terrorist†when he breaks into BTN (the television network). We can learn from this that some events that are put in the media are not the full truth of what is going on. We believe what the news presenters are saying on the television as they work for the government and the government should only report the real events from true stories. Instead BTN uses this to their advantage and edits news stories to reflect their point of view. The government uses the media to convey the message and to trick the community into thinking that life is so much better with the government in control. However during his speeches V gives the people of London hope and shows them just how much better life would be outside of the government’s control. Through these speeches V shows us how an idea of hope and a better future for everyone rises up against the brute force of the government and is the ultimate turning point in convincing the citizens to support him over the government.Symbolism is illustrated at the end of the film when the people of London remove their Guy Fawkes masks revealing the faces of some of the characters that died throughout the film. This example shows us that even though the characters were killed through the course of the film because they believed in V, they had someone to look up to and the characters spirit and their belief lived on. This...

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