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Uttilitarianism And Kantian Ethics Essay

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Ethical issue: Is it ethical for the hotel to organize trips to the “Red Light” area for the purpose of boosting occupancy rates?

According to Act Utilitarianism,

The affected parties are:
* Hotel Management (CEO – Jeronimo)
* The Red Light package may boost the occupancy rate of the hotel, giving the hotel a significant source of revenue, which will ease the pressure from the shareholders. (Pleasure)
* It may damage the hotel’s reputation since it is likely, that from this moment onwards, the hotel will somehow be associated with the Red Light in the minds of potential guests. (Pain)
* It might affect the work ambience in the hotel, as some employees might ...view middle of the document...

No government, let alone a strict one as Singapore’s, would want their country to be known for prostitution and other social problems. (Pain)

The act utilitarian approach states that if the majority of the stakeholders benefit from it, then it is all right to do it. The above analysis shows that most of the stakeholders do not benefit from the application of the package. Therefore, it does not provide the greatest good for the greatest number and thus, the CEO should not approve the Red Light package idea.

Kantian’s Principle Of Humanity

“We should never act in such a way that we treat Humanity, whether in ourselves or in others, as a means only but always as an end in itself. ”

* According to Kantian’s Principle of Humanity, which states that we are not to use others as a mere mean.
* In this case, Jodi uses the prostitutes as a mere mean to increase the number of customers to the hotel. To attract extra guests, she capitalized on the mentality of prospective guests, in the ease of accessing of a red light district, which indirectly promotes sexual activities.
* Also, to put the CEO through the test of reciprocity, a normal person will not want to be...

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