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Utilitarian Ethics Essay

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A philosophy does not remain binding if it does not contain some inherent consequences for one to break the rules. A look at the correlation that exist between morality and psychological handling of a solution proves the significance of utilitarian system. With the understanding of the utilitarian system one can then understand the process involved in making of ethical and moral decisions. A look at utilitarianism as an ethical framework reveals a concept that looks at the results or outcome of a certain action. The framework focuses on actions done ethically through making concrete decisions on the actions that will prove to be more beneficial. It looks at actions ...view middle of the document...

He argues that a foundation is necessary in order for morality to have significance and legitimacy. He furthers his arguments by stating that if actions are to be judged whether they are to be done for the greater good, this should be portrayed in the end result. The end result forms the beneficial aspect that is achieved as happiness for an individual. The utilitarianism theory by mill is based on principle of actions that are right. However, focusing on the utilitarianism as an issue in the decision makers in China, is not the step forward. Happiness is personal and cannot be forced on an individual.

The use of utilitarianism as the focal point in study of ethical and moral issues present a dilemma in the study. The theory of utilitarianism has been criticized by many critics who deem it as a substandard method for ethical study. Critics hold that utilitarianism does not provide perfect answers and solutions to the main issue which is happiness. Happiness is a complex matter that cannot be easily attained in all quarters. In this case, as much as the auto companies are hoping to develop and please the Chinese people with new auto mobiles, not all are happy about that.

Happiness is difficult to measure and control. Mill looks at happiness as an important aspect that originates from the human social nature. He sees it as the final aim for any human but what he failed to discuss was the negative effects associated with happiness. For example, happiness cannot be achieved in totality to the people who are in opposed to growth of auto mobiles in China . There will also be a disgruntled person who hopes puts their own happiness first to the happiness of others.

Nozick follows the concepts of Libertarian view on the justice of distribution. The libertarian view seeks to identify justice with liberty. The libertarian philosophers focus on liberty as a key concept that takes precedence over other moral concerns. Nozicks believes that people have certain rights that include life, liberty, health and property. They form the Lockean rights that are available for everyone and the constraints to our behaviour. The belief in these rights is what forms Nozicks theory on the economic justice known as the entitlement theory (Nozick, 1974).

The case study portrays the theme of justice and economics effectively. Every society seeks a just order that ensures that there is peace and tranquillity. Justice and Economics is an important aspect that looks at the social and ethical requirements for the society to be just. The case study presents the auto car companies who are looking to expand the auto industry in china by investing more into it. The case study raises aspects of justice best described with a look at the Nozicks and Rawls thoughts on ethical justice.

Nozicks entitlement theory holds that one is entitled to their property or holdings as long as methods for acquiring it was legitimate. He argues that if people...

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