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Ut Tyler Student Obstacles Research Essay

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Research Report: Obstacles of UT Tyler Students
Lisa Womack
University of Texas—Tyler

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for (CRIJ 4322)
Dr. Barbara Hart
November 15, 2010

Research Report: Obstacles of UT Tyler Students
Throughout a student’s education, progression is measured by representative grade point average (GPA). Furthermore, one may question whether economic status affects a first time student’s success, and one may speculate if age directly relates to GPA. First time generation college students may struggle with the decision to attend college due to family pressures, which relates ...view middle of the document...

The following two constructed hypotheses developed from the 2010 fall class survey. My hypothesis: 1) students in age category 30-45 are more likely to maintain higher GPA; 2) first generation college students are more likely to be in the lower income bracket. In contrast, null form corresponds to no relationship between 1) students in age category 30-45 having no effect on maintaining a high GPA, 2) first-time generation college students having no effect with their income status. The sole purpose behind the conducted research is to determine obstacle factors of current students of the University of Texas at Tyler.
Literature Review
In America, various obstacles deter students from attending or completing higher education possibly because of finances, unemployment, or generational; as a result, Frey goes on to say “more than half of community college students are adult students.” According to Compton, Cox and Laanan, a factor of the increasing population of nontraditional students is due to the reduction of blue-collar workers, which may relate to the economic status (Compton et al., 2006). Many blue-collar workers have found their selves diving into the labor pool due to unemployment because they no longer have the necessary skills to gain employment; therefore, they enroll into college and are labeled as the nontraditional student (pp. 74). Attending college to get educated in a new field has created a huge demand of technological skills, which is a generational obstacle due to the enormous population of workers are baby-boomers. This generation grew up without the latest technology, which is highly demanded in job requirements to market employment in today’s society. With that being said, generational causal for being an obstacle is seen adversely as Richardson and King point out,
“one may argue adult learners are actually more capable of learning than their younger counterparts because of their ability to use their prior experiences in order to process new ideas and situations and that the obstacles faced could actually be seen as strengths for adult learners” (Richardson and King, 1998).
Nevertheless, despite the extent of obstacles one faces as a student, financial aid acts as a reservoir of assurance for qualified individuals, who deal with financial burdens, which “can positively predispose them to attend college,” the author’s state (Berkner and Chavez, 1997).
Dr. Hart assigned each student in class to construct various questions for creating a series of questions on a survey questionnaire as our method of an instrument. Once the questions were printed, we searched the survey for any error. After reviewing the questionnaire, we had to conduct the surveys. Two requirements of the survey are the population participates in the survey with the understanding of our purpose and the survey is voluntary and anonymous, and the participant must be a current student of the University of Texas at Tyler. Dr. Hart assigned...

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