Usmc Lessons Of Wwii. An Essay Detailing The Lessons Learned By The Us Marine Corp During Wwii In The Pacific Theater. Covers Both Doctrine And Technology

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The end of WWI meant big change for the Marine Corp. The way the Marine Corp was organized, her mission, and all the doctrine to go along with that mission was introduced and / or changed. The results of the WWII were no the same as WWI. For the large part, the amphibious doctrine developed in the 1930's and early 1940's remained intact throughout the war. However, change was obvious in two other areas. First, innovative technology came out of the pacific campaign. Second, there was refinement in the techniques used to apply the amphibious doctrine. The Marines proved the worth of their amphibious doctrine throughout the war with the Japanese, and showed their adaptive power with new ...view middle of the document...

Out of Tarawa came the joint assault signal company, and Iwo Jima saw the first instance of the fire support control center both on land and afloat. However, progress in close air support was slow through the war. This is interesting, as it is a capability the Marine Corp advertised it was suited for, and one that doctrine declared exceedingly important even before the outbreak of the war. It was not until the end of the war that Marine aviators directly supported ground Marines in operations. Many Marine officers, including the commandant, had called for a carrier escort group that was exclusively in support of the Marines, but did not receive such until the end of the war. As a result, air support was often spotty and relatively ineffective. The Navy used a very regimented, rigid system of close air support, while the Marines preferred a more flexible, decentralized style of support. This was mostly employed in the Philippines, were there was only 1 division advancing at rapid pace at any given time. In the central pacific, were several divisions were fighting abreast each other, centralized command of air support was necessary in order to minimize overlap of target areas and friendly fire.Nothing in WWII amphibious warfare advanced as rapidly as naval gunfire. So much was learned by the end of the war, that the early campaigns of the war seemed amateurish and messily when compared to Okinawa. Again, it was not so much technological advances in shells and guns, but rather the way in which they are applied. Two massive lessons were learned in this area. First, area...

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