Using The Case Study Provided At The End Of The Module Identify And Explain The Client’s Issues And Devise A Course Of Treatment For Him, Taking Into Account Any Ethical Issues

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Using the case study provided at the end of the module identify and explain the client’s issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues.

In this essay I shall be explaining the issues Mr X has expressed, as I have understood them, and expounding the presented issues with the client in such a manner is also crucial to gaining clarity and building rapport. I shall then cover any ethical considerations that need to be accounted for and then seek to devise a relevant course of treatment for him.
Mr X has stated that he has been employed as an estate agent in the same company for 18 years. He has not progressed in his work although he is ...view middle of the document...

Having satisfied myself that he is not suffering from psychosis and neither is he taking any psychotropic medication nor dependent on alcohol or drugs, would I proceed to devise a course of treatment for him.
Mr X is undoubtedly a capable man in his field of work. The manager has on occasion asked him to stand in for him, but he has clearly not valued that achievement. In addition his colleagues are obviously eager to socialise with him, but again he has placed no value on their invitation, and still believes they view him as ‘a bit boring’. He also has a partner but again has given his role in that relationship little value and is consumed more with the prospect of rejection. All of these points indicate a deep lack of self-esteem. It is usually accepted, as pointed out by Hadley and Staudacher that ‘the major cause of poor self-esteem is past negative programming that is the product of judgemental parents’. This is most certainly going to be true in Mr X’s case, as he has spoken of his mother’s critical nature towards him, and even now feels unable to ask her to adjust the days for his visits to her in order that he could facilitate the social night with his colleagues, for fear of her ‘picking on him more than usual’. Self-criticism forms a disabling critical voice in the mind that in time can become self-defeating and cause the person to form beliefs about themselves that are at best inaccurate and at worse completely false. But it has to be accepted by the therapist that this is the clients belief about themselves therefore merely showering them with compliments would be insufficient, rather it would be more beneficial to reframe the clients view of the problem. In this case it would be necessary to reframe the situation in a manner that allows Mr X to be more aware of his competencies, such that his self-esteem is nurtured and he is then encouraged to take the steps he so desires.
I believe that a course of four hypnosis sessions should help him to build his self-esteem and aid him to move forward. In his first session I would discuss with him what exactly hypnotherapy is, what it can achieve and how we shall be using it in order that he and I may both be clear on what the objectives of the sessions are and what can and cannot be accomplished, so that we both may make informed decisions on whether or not we wish to continue. I would ask if he would consider having the self-esteem script that I use with him recorded in order that he may use it at home in between sessions, as listening to the script on a daily basis will facilitate a better result due to the message being repeatedly fed to the subconscious mind. This is essential when realising that the Conscious Critical Faculty (CCF) is constantly monitoring our experiences of the world and aligning those experiences with our deeply embedded beliefs. In order to counter the negative adjustments made by the CCF, it is necessary to bypass it through hypnotic suggestions regularly until...

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