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Using Task Teaching Of Grammar Essay

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Task-based Teaching of Grammar By: V. yousefi, Ave Sina Shahed High School, Hamedan I. Introduction The idea of getting learners to acquire English through tasks was developed in India by N.S.Prabhu in the 1980s. Prabhu made a strong Communicative Approach Project in Banglore, south India . He put forward many kinds of tasks, and designed the learning contents into all kinds of communicative tasks. He thinks learners may learn more effectively when their minds are focused on tasks, rather than on the language they are using. Prabhu’s Banglore Project can be regarded as a first try that tasks can be designed into a unit in classroom design (Li,2004). In recent years increasing numbers of ...view middle of the document...

The publication of the new standard leads the English Language Teaching (ELT) in Iran to a new direction. As a result, grammar teaching should not just maintain its rule-listing routine. Instead, some new attempts should be involved. Teaching grammar through tasks in situational contexts will pursue the appropriate practical use of grammar. Task-based Teaching can involve communicative elements such verbal and nonverbal elements and inductive teaching. II. Task-Based Learning (TBL)1. Various Definitions of Task Task-based learning are widely promoted in English language teaching nowadays. However the definition of task is greatly varied. Now let’s have a look at the following definitions of task given by some prominent scholars. M. Long (Li, 2004): A task is a piece of work undertaken for oneself or for others, freely or for some reward. Thus, examples of tasks include painting a fence, dressing a child, filling out a form, buying a pair of shoes, making an airline reservation, borrowing a library book, taking a driving test, typing a letter, weighing a patient, sorting letters, taking a hotel reservation, writing a check, finding a street destination and helping someone across a road. In other words, by “task” is meant the hundred and one things people do in everyday life, at work, at play, and in between. Tasks are the things people will tell you they do if you ask them and they are not applied linguists. Nunan (Li, 2004): The communicative task is a piece of classroom work which involves learners in comprehending, manipulating or interacting in the target language while their attention is principally focused on meaning rather than form. The task should also have a sense of completeness, being able to stand alone as a communicative act in its right. Prabhu’s definition of task is as follows: this makes no reference to real world needs. Instead, tasks are learning activities that engage learners in logical thinking. From the definitions given by the three famous scholars, we may get the conclusion that tasks can be acquired easily in our daily life and students’ attention can be shifted from the abstract and complex language items to the fulfillment of tasks through target language. So transmitting information is the focus. Anyhow, tasks do not include activities which involve language used for practice or display, such as ‘ Describe the picture using the words and phrases from the list below’ or ‘ Ask your partner if he likes the food listed here using the forms Do you like…? Yes, I do/ No, I don’t. where there is no outcome or purpose other than practice of pre-specified language. 2. Basic Characteristics of TBL
• (1) Student-centeredness. Teachers should always be aware to plan a lesson for the aim of students’ mastery of how to use a language. Encourage students’ involvement in the task activities. If the teacher wants to design a task, firstly she should make sure that the students can get involved in the activity.
• (2) Meaning-focused...

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