Using Social Media To Support Women

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Social Networking or Web 2.0 is a valuable tool which has become widely popular in today’s society. I am new to this type of media, and I was faced with a speedy introduction into a vast world of electronically shared communication via Social Networking. The final media assignment in this class is to propose and solve one of three potential problems-- using two of four social media communication tools. My passion is to help other BRCA+ women gather the strength and knowledge needed to make the very difficult decision of having prophylactic surgery. The medical community will tell you the choice is right, however only another woman who has gone through the procedure can truly attest to the ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately this would confirm and address my own concerns in regard to overall satisfaction when making the choice to undergo bilateral prophylactic mastectomies. Upon completion, I would like to share this information to support the BRCA+ community, and perhaps give those who are “on the fence,” the strength they need to determine their choice. Once tallied, the complete results will be posted on the Previvors and Survivors Website. I will use Face Book, Twitter, Breast Cancer Forums and various support groups to post my questionnaire and gather my statistics.
Second Proposal: Help raise funds and support for Previvors and Survivors. A local charity which personally helped me cope with the emotional stresses during my prophylactic mastectomies. I would like to spread the word and increase donations to this new, not-for-profit charity organization. Local charities have a deeper sense of community, and often the donations are truly useful for the family, friends, and neighbors affected. I would use Facebook, Twitter and perhaps a blog to help bolster the cause.
Third Proposal: I would like to help spread the word about domestic violence using the Partner Violence Screen questionnaire, and/or the Hurt Insulted Threatened or Screamed at (HITS) questionnaire. I recently came across the HITS questionnaire in a Radiology Journal. To my surprise, no one wanted to discuss this further with me. Partner abuse is a common occurrence which affects many young women. Why, despite the media coverage is this still a forbidden conversation? Was it really my fault? Did I deserve it? Could I have done something to avoid getting hit, bullied and or threatened? One concern I have for the project’s success, is my fear that the results would be invisible as the general community tends to shy away from this conversation. The lack of hard feedback would make it quite difficult to judge my success, and if the questionnaire was circulated, did anyone seek assistance or was anyone was even listening?
To ensure the desired level of success, my two main social media tools of choice will be the most widely used and popular ones, such as:
1) Twitter: revive my account, and begin tweeting important links, thus getting more people to follow me.
2) Facebook: opened for the sake of this assignment, and I hope my friends will share and support my project.
I will use the secondary sites listed below as a second wave of strategy.
1) Community blogs and chat rooms: join and post related information in regard to each topic, engaging similar readers to participate.
2) Linked In: targeting and posting in pertinent community discussion groups- not my professional contact list.
Using the ESC Library as well as Google Scholar, I have located recent peer-reviewed articles, which are somewhat narrow and specific, but have similar goals. I will read and refer to them for support, and grow from their experiences.

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