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Using Relevant Theories And Examples, Explain How Motivation Can Affect Employees’ Commitment And Performance At Work

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Employee motivation is an integral part of every business and has notable impact on the overall effectiveness of an organization. Motivating employees carries utmost importance for a business as it reduces staff turnover and absenteeism while increasing productivity. For example, in the short run, lack of motivation can lead to reduced performance and lack of commitment. Conversely, in the long run, this issue can lead to high levels of absenteeism, low productivity and eventual decreases in profits within the business along with industrial disputes within the market. In this respect, the Javitch Association (2012) has stated that, “Employee motivation is a major factor in success or ...view middle of the document...

In addition, higher-order needs (growth needs) which are esteem and self-actualization needs are concerned with gaining self esteem, self respect, and realisation of your full potential. These needs must be satisfied before a person moves to the next level. Otherwise, the system of pyramid can collapse because each level of needs is dependent on the previous level. Thus employees can mark their level on the pyramid and decide on suitable rewards. In reality however, the theory faces some problems when put into practice. For example, money is used to purchase basic commodities such as food and it can also be considered as an indicator of personal worth or a status symbol. For this reason, the motivation of employees can be affected in an adverse manner reducing their performance and commitment at work. However, it is not always the issue of de-motivated employees. The Times (2012) offers an exemplary story regarding this matter; Laura Bryant joined Kellogg’s after graduating from university in 2002. She started to work in the Field Sales section where she had to visit five to ten supermarkets a day in terms of developing relationships at a local level. In 2004, she was promoted to the position of Customer Marketing Manager at the Head Office and was rewarded with regards to her hard-work. In 2009, she was promoted again and was given the responsibility of managing the marketing plan for Special K. Laura Bryant is now Brand Manager for Kellogg’s Cornflakes. This example reveals how the company played a crucial role in motivating Laura Bryant to climb the hierarchy of needs and become successful in her career. The main idea is that, Kellogg’s created a suitable atmosphere for its employees to climb the hierarchy of needs. For example, as the Times (2012) stated, Kellogg’s paid its employees an adequate amount in salaries to acquire their basic essentials. What is more, it provided childcare vouchers, company cars, and assurance schemes. Kellogg’s also placed importance on the safety of all employees and took preventive measure against accidents. Another measure taken was providing a range of working patterns such as working part-time. These alternatives helped employees in attaining a healthy work-life balance. In addition to this, with the aim to enhance the sense of belonging of employees and strengthen teams, Kellogg’s created an informal group, ‘huddles’, in which employees could request and receive information regarding any part of the business. Lastly, the company gave employees more responsibilities such as; ownership of projects so they could develop and improve themselves. These opportunities fulfilled the psychological, safety, social, and self-actualization needs of the employees, motivating them positively, and increasing their commitment and performance within the workplace.

Another theory is Herzberg’s two factor theory (Anderton,2008). He attempted to find out what motivated and satisfied employees at work...

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