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Using Named Examples Essay

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Using named examples, assess the extent to which conflict over water supplies is inevitable.

On Earth, we have many valuable resources and none are more valuable than water which unfortunately is limited in some places more than others. Everyone believes that they have an equal right and due to this, conflict is likely break out around the world. However, conflict is far more likely in countries that are less developed as they depend upon water for agriculture and their livelihoods.
One area where conflict has the potential to occur is in China. They are currently attempting a water transfer scheme on a large scale that plans to move water from the South to the North of China where the ...view middle of the document...

This would leave blocking the water supply off from India and other neighbouring countries as redundant.
Another place in which conflict could arise is in Ethiopia, North East Africa. They are currently planning a project that will provide power to a poor nation using a hydroelectric dam. The project is called the Grand Renaissance Project. The projected is estimated to cost around $4.8 billion and it will become the largest hydroelectric power plant that Africa owns. The dam itself will be situated along the Blue Nile river which feeds into the Nile River which runs through Egypt. The Ethiopian population have said that the project is actually only there to provide clean renewable energy. Despite this, the Ethiopian government feel that something far worse is happening behind the scenes. If the relationship between Africa and Egypt was to become weak, Ethiopia would have the potential to shut off Egypt’s water supply and this would inevitably lead to war because the Egyptian government would not stand by and allow their people to suffer. One solution that could be provided to this issue could be the Ethiopian government signing a policy that dictates that they can never turn the water supply that leads to Egypt. This has the potential to ease the tension of the Egyptian government and people but it is unlikely to completely resolve the issue itself.
There is also a potential for conflict to arise in Egypt. Over the past 20 years, the population of Egypt has risen from 20 to nearly 70 million and it has been predicted that this trend will continue, reaching an anticipated 120 million in the next 20 years. The distribution of people is not at all equal and because of the rapid urbanisation there has been an increase in demand for water, further exacerbating the problem for a country which is 95% desert. However, the supposed solution to this problem is the Toshka Project. It is an ambitious project to create a second Nile Valley, redirecting 10% of the country's allotment of water from the Nile via a huge irrigation scheme. It arose as part of a...

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