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There are many support resources available through the Library to help me with writing and math skills. I plan to use these resources to help me with my writing and grammar. Knowing I can find help with how to write essays and formatting in APA I will be using these resources a lot. The center for math I will use to help me with building math skills when the time comes and I plan to use it before hand as well so that I can prepare myself for those classes.
There are other support resources available for me as well such as for stress an anxiety I can go to the life resource center from the home page. I can get all kinds of information here from help coping to help with a healthy life style.
I will stay motivated by keeping my long term goal in sight assessing it and measuring it. By seeing my goal achievement I can easily correct my errors and set new short term goals to accomplish so that I will achieve my long term ...view middle of the document...

I will apply the university learning goals in the classroom and in my future workplaces by thinking more about topics that come up and writing every chance I get. These two things will help me build my career competencies as well.
I will behave and make ethical decisions by thinking before I make actions. I will understand a thought before I act on it. By understanding my reasoning behind why I do something I will be able to know why I have acted the way I have. I believe we should not do by example but do what we know and feel is the right thing to do.
Time and stress management techniques I plan to use are scheduling everything and making sure I have the correct dates and times wrote down for my deadlines. I am still fine tuning my techniques and learning where my mistakes are each week. By seeing mistakes I have made I can correct my errors so that they don’t keep reoccurring.
The main SMART goals I will set for myself are to complete assignments accurately and on times, and make sure I get my participation in for class. I can easily see my progress with these and once I have completed these I can move on to setting higher standards for myself such as making sure I get the grade point average I desire and maintaining it. I feel before I can put the pressure of that goal on myself I need to get more short term goals out of the way. I feel I will be using the SMART system a lot. Knowing if its sensible, measurable, attainable, rationale, and that it can be done in a time frame are very important for me. I used to make goals and they would not ever be completed I am sure it was because I did not understand how to make a goal and complete it correctly.
I will improve my writing skills by using the center for writing excellence and reading the guides to grammar. I have found that the University of Pheonix has an abundant amount of writing resources for me and I will find and use every one of them at some point in time so that my writing will be the best I can possibly make it. I know I have poor grammar and run on sentences so I plan to work on that first. I plan to study more about passive writing and formal writing so that my posts and assignments will look better.

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