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Using Leadership Team In Decision Making Process

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IntroductionUsing teams in the business world traditionally meant pooling employees' resources so the best staff talents would be put to use on various aspects of a project or on making decisions. Prominent Australian management professors Doug Stace and Dexter Dunphy state that use of team has become a features of work at leading organisation: "In organisation that have been hierarchical, there is now increasing and radical delegation to the team level … members have a high level of decisions relevant to the activities of their work unit" (Campling et al, 2006). As this opening quote suggests, workplace for the 21st century is rich in team and teamworks. The purpose of this essay is ...view middle of the document...

To further maintain creative team thinking, a balance between a focus on cohesiveness and the ream with a focus and value placed on each individual. With some proper training, team members can be trained to work together effectively. Teams can be trained to 1) keep documents on their existing beliefs, assumption, self-talk and mental-imagery patterns; 2) analyse how functional and constructive they can be and 3) maintain creativity (Anonymous, 1995). Company such as General Electric requires all executives to attend a one-day leadership-training course emphasizing the importance of team skills (Hellinghausen and Myers, 1998). Officials at GE's Aircraft Engine division recognise that providing sufficient leadership and team skills training to both existing and new employees could help maintaining its products' quality and improving customer satisfaction. To further extend teamwork to the whole supply chain, the division began teaching team skills to its supplier companies as well. Therefore it shows that by providing proper leadership and team skills training, teams have greater probability towards success.The best teams are a mix of people with contrasting styles, values, personalities, experiences, demographic and cultures among the membership, can present group process challenges. Traditionally, the more homogeneous the team is, the easier it is to manage relationship and cooperate. Although more heterogeneous in teams mean increasing in complexity of interpersonal relationships and conflicts among member, it also brings opportunities. Robert Lynch, the vice-president of the Miller Consulting Group in US, suggests the benefit of having team diversity: "conflicts are a part of a good team and disagreement is good" (Weiss, 2002). Another research found out that more than three fourths of team leaders identified the encouragement of productive conflict between team members as an important strategy to foster team creativity and success (Egan, 2005). The more diverse among team members, the greater the variety of available ideas, perspectives and experiences that can add value to problem solving and task performance. Conflicts may emerge along the way to establishing organisational buy-in by including representatives from different departments and divisions of the organisation as well as between individuals having the variety of different characteristics. What have to do is to assemble and balance different personality types into a smoothly operation, as well as to enhance productive conflicts and creative team outcome would lead to team's success.Another key condition for team success is the amount of support provided in terms of information, material resources, technology, organisational culture and available rewards. Although there was no consensus regarding what elements were most essential, research from Egan (2005) emphasized the importance of the team and work environment for diverse team creativity and creative outcomes. Amabile (cited in...

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