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Using Information Technology Essay

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Podcasts are a very interesting representation of the use of technology that is currently going on in the world. To think that you don’t even have to be bothered to read an article anymore shows how the world is progressing.
Now on to a more pressing matter in today’s times; the usefulness of technology in a crisis situation. I feel as though people are beginning to rely more and more on technology for things each day. I wonder if people are truly aware of all that technology has to offer. For the longest time I always looked at technology as a rather unnecessary addition to someone’s household. I always figured that you could get the same information from reading the newspaper or watching the news, when in all reality, there is no quicker more efficient way to get information that technology ...view middle of the document...

Have you ever tried reading someones handwriting and you were unable to decipher what is said? I’m sure you’re all thinking of course that has happened. Now try and remember the last time that you couldn’t read something that was typed up on a computer, or a phone, or even a tablet? It’s highly unlikely that you’ve had that issue. So another perk to the growing use of technology is minimizing the room for human error and misunderstanding what someone else had written down.
Technology isn’t all great though. I feel as though the pros outweigh the cons but people tend to overlook them because of that. How often do you hear about a company being hacked and peoples personal information being compromised? Probably more often than you would like. How often do you hear about someone physically going into a location and stealing the paper files on clients? I’m sure it happens but no where near as often as peoples’ companies being hacked and being asked to pay a ransom. Once there is a digital copy of something it can always be found if you have the right people looking.
With that being said, technology can be a great asset if its protected and used correctly. The speed that information can be updated or correct is as fast as someones fingers can type. There is still the possibility of someone mistyping something but as soon as the error is caught it can be corrected. At one point in time it was a concern putting something out into technology because it may fall into the wrong hands. I feel as though that is getting to be an unacceptable excuse. My cell phone has a fingerprint lock on it, a cell phone! So how is it that these people are still able to access personal files when they’re supposed to be protected?
Technology is something that is forever going to be growing and one can only hope that we can continue to grow with it. You never know, one day it may save your life!

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