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Using E Commerce To Grow A Business

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Using E-Commerce to Grow a Business

In today’s society, fast and efficient are just two of the things that consumers and businesses alike are looking for. By utilizing technology applications a business can computerize and streamline a lot of their operations, making their business more efficient and thus passing this efficiency onto the consumer.

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Business to Business (B2B) technology entails the provision of resolutions of Information Technology or IT to all sorts of businesses, whether large or small. B2B applications, as the name suggests, deals with the relations between two or more businesses. It entails the interaction of two or more ...view middle of the document...

E-commerce portals, for instance, companies that trade some goods and services over the internet, are the ones that mostly employ the use of sell side B2B applications. Rose India is an example of a company that deals with sell side B2B applications and can therefore offer several services, for instance, coming up with a system of order entry that can work in with or in the absence of a catalog (Gurstein, 2000).
Lastly, we have the trading associate agreement B2B applications that help computerize operations and thus overcoming the challenges of dealing with paper work, such as being cumbersome while carrying out operations like the managing of logistics or even the managing of stock. Some companies like the Rose India trading partner B2B application computerize operations, for example, the process of purchasing, and incorporates them in the trading accord. This helps improve efficiency within the firm.
In a pastry business, B2C applications may be used to advertise the sale of certain products such as cakes and other products to the public. The effect of this will be to attract more people to become customers for the company’s products. For effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out these applications, the pastry firm can create a website which will give all information about the company, for instance, what it offers. The firm can also automate its operations for...

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