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There are so many forms of data used where I work, that it is practically one way of describing what it is we do. Nursing and operating a hospital are so full of different uses of data that it is a challenge to break them down into individual uses. There is data used for budgeting, staffing, and supplies. Data is collected on demographics of the patient population. Data is measured constantly in patients; vital signs, lab values, and measurements of all sorts. We also conduct clinical trials in vast numbers collecting data on efficacy, treatment variation, modalities, and outcomes.
2. One example of descriptive statistics we use in our work place is yearly charts depicting prevalence of ...view middle of the document...

Other measures are also instituted to prevent infection should blood cell counts drop, such as instructing patients on eating low microbial diets. We give other medications to prevent known side effects like nausea, mouth sores, and loss of appetite. In a sense the use of inferential statistics allows us to be proactive rather than reactive and hence more effective.
4. Data at the nominal level is used extensively. Patients are grouped by the type of cancer they have and assigned to the unit that specializes in dealing with that diagnosis. They are then assigned a room based on gender.
Ordinal level data is used when assigning patients to a room. Those assessed as higher risk for falls are kept closer to the station whereas those that are low risk are placed father away. The highest risk patients are assigned to rooms with a companion to monitor them continuously.
Data at the interval level/ratio level data is very common in the hospital setting anything from age, to measures of pressures, temperatures, blood counts, amounts of fluids in and out and scores of...

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