Uses Of Statistical Data Essay

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Uses of Statistical Information
Darryl Lowery
Statistical Applications/HCS438
February 28, 2012
Julieanne Hessler, RN MSN, MBA

Statistics are used in every phase in the delivery of health care. This is particularly true as it relates to the cost of providing health care services (Eaton, 2006). At Mercy Medical Center, not unlike any other health care facility, the use of statistics is pervasive throughout the organization. First and foremost Mercy uses statistics to develop and maintain its financial imperatives (Minnis, 2008). Simply stated if actual cost of providing health care services exceeds the revenue generated the organization will have difficulty keeping ...view middle of the document...

The organization developed what is called a pre-yellow alert status to help minimize the need to actually use yellow alert status.
Inferential Statistics
On an annual basis Mercy Medical Center’s Division of Nursing conducts an educational needs assessment for staff nurses. The objective of the assessment is to gather information on areas the nursing staff would like to have educational activities directed toward during the coming year.
The assessment seeks to identify areas in technology, collaborative practice, quality and patient safety that would be helpful from the nursing staff’s perspective to have additional education. The assessment is in the form of a survey that questions staff regarding specific issues related to these topics. The assessment was able to identify several areas to address and activities were developed to address each.
Levels of Measurement
Mercy Medical Center uses all four levels of measurement. There are numerous examples of nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio measurements used everyday at the medical center. The following discussion will identify an example of each level of measurement and how it is used at Mercy Medical Center.
An example of nominal level of measurement, which categories data, is identifying type of bed requirement for admitted post-operative patients. These patients are categorized as needing intensive care, intermediate care or a surgical unit bed. This data is subsequently used to determine staffing levels and other resource allocation needs.
The medical center uses ordinal level measurement when determining patient satisfaction. Ordinal level of measurement places data in rank order. The results of the medical center’s patient satisfaction survey results are ranked from very unsatisfied, mostly unsatisfied, satisfied and very satisfied. The medical center further investigates reasons given by patients for each response to formulate appropriate action plans.
Interval levels of measurements are used by the medical center when trending patient blood pressure readings over time. Blood pressure readings are reported in specific units. It is important to compare blood...

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