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Uses Of Hypnotherapy To Treat A Medical Condition

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Uses of Hypnotherapy to treat a medical condition

The purpose of this essay is to describe and explain the uses of hypnotherapy in the treatment of a medical condition. For this essay I have chosen to look at a chronic life limiting illness called Motor Neurone Disease. This is a disease that can affect many different aspects of a person’s life and is very aggressive in its symptoms. I have met quite a few people with this condition whilst working in the Neurophysiology department at the QMC, where all the nerve and muscles studies and EMG’s are performed. It not only changes the person’s life but also the lives of the people around them. I found this research both upsetting ...view middle of the document...

Progressive muscular atrophy is a much less common form of MND and tends to progress more slowly than ALS. People with PMA do not experience muscle spasms and they can then go onto develop ALS.
Progressive bulbar palsy is a form of MND that mainly affects the muscles in the throat, tongue and face that causes difficulties with speech, swallowing, coughing and clearing the throat. PBP can also affect the expression of emotions and people might laugh or cry for no apparent reason.
Primary lateral sclerosis is a very rare form of MND in which people experience spasticity but do not experience muscle wasting or fasciculation’s.
Unfortunately none of the above can be diagnosed with one specific hospital test and doctors will usually recommend a series of tests and investigations which can take a long time and can cause the person worry and upset thereby causing a knock on effect of depression and anxiety, these tests are very important however to be able to get the correct diagnosis as all the symptoms described can also be the pre cursor to many other illnesses and to be diagnosed with this terrible disease in error would be awful. I think the saddest part of the disease is that although it will affect almost every part of the person’s everyday life and will stop them eventually performing the most simple of tasks such as personal hygiene and eating it does not affect the mind or intelligence so even though their body is in effect “giving up” they are completely aware of everything going on around them, giving way to frustration and a feeling of helplessness not probably helped by the fact they feel guilty that thy are so dependent upon loved ones for these basic tasks and quite embarrassed not to be able to get to the toilet or bathe themselves, there have been studies where there has been minor alterations in cognitive functions however such as depression and problems with decision-making and memory. MND does not affect the person’s ability to see, smell, taste or hear either and most people will maintain control of their eye muscles and bladder. Eventually all muscles under voluntary control will be affected and the person will lose their strength and their ability to move their arms and legs. The main cause of death however is when the muscles in the diaphragm and chest wall fail and the person then needs ventilator support this will eventually lead to respiratory failure.
Once diagnosed with this disease the person will probably read the literature and look on the internet for information and with such a bleak diagnosis could quite easily fall into despair and feel like giving up, this is why support is so important to try and make them see the importance of quality of life whilst they are still able to function correctly and to be able to make the most of what time there is left rather than sink into depression. The financial aspects of this disease are greater, especially if you are the main wage earner as mobility becomes a problem and...

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