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Call it what you will: cannabis, pot, marijuana, ganja, along with two or three hundred other names, has been growing naturally from the soil of the earth since approximately 8 million years ago. Cannabis is an ordinary herbal plant that produces leaves and buds or flowers. The flowers of the cannabis are truly unique varying in shapes, textures, colors, and trichome patterns. Colors of the plant can vary but are typically green or brown. This plant also has a distinct, bitter-sweet smell that can only be described as the smell of marijuana. This simple plant contains over four hundred natural chemicals, sixty six of them being cannabinoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the ...view middle of the document...

These cannabinoid receptors also are reacted upon in the stomach, creating an increase hunger. The most popular consumption of cannabis is usually brought about by smoking the buds or flowers of the cannabis plant; however, digestion is an alternative.
This substance has changed very little over time. Some might argue that the levels of THC have increased, thus making it more potent. Although this may be true, the increase has been very minimal over the past 40 years, and the uses of the plant have remained the same.
There are many uses brought about by cannabis and the effects it causes. Uses of cannabis can be classified into four categories: medicinal, spiritual and religious, industrial, and recreational.
Cannabis’s use in the medicinal world is vast and growing. More and more U.S. states, along with many countries, are using marijuana through medicinal purposes to help remedy disorders and illnesses. Societies are slowly turning away from pills and other manmade chemicals, and using the safer alternative. Cannabis has been used to treat a variety of illnesses such as cancer or AIDS. The effects of the consumption of medicinal cannabis ease the nausea for chemotherapy patients and helps provide a larger appetite needed for AIDS victims. Medicinal marijuana also helps glaucoma patients by creating vasodilatation in the blood vessels for lower blood pressure. Among these few examples, there are hundreds of more illnesses and disorders that can be treated by medicinal marijuana.
Cannabis has also been used in religions, a major sociological part of society. In some religions it has become a vital role in some ceremonies and sacraments. It has been used in religions such as Rastafari or Hinduism where the people would gather around and smoke cannabis and talk about the “truth.” Cannabis has also made many biblical appearances in books such as Isaiah or Ezekiel but only for uses of hemp fibers.
Marijuana wasn’t just used for its chemical compositions. It also had found much use in areas of industry. Hemp fibers were used to make forms of paper that could then be used to keep records. During World War II, hemp was critical in making ropes, canvases, and uniforms. The material was cheap and help together well in war. Among these, the cannabis plant has over 50,000 other uses such as: lotions, bio fuels, soaps, furniture, food, plastics, etc.
The most popular yet controversial use of cannabis is recreational. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug on the planet. Approximately 1 and 6 Americans engage in some form of recreational use with marijuana. These statistics raise many questions as to why it is still illegal in as many places as it is.
For starters, the cliché stereotype of the average marijuana smoker, a “pothead” or “stoner”, depicts a person who is lacking motivation and productivity. The typical “pothead” is supposed to be a low-life who sits on the couch and wastes life away. ...

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