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Use Of The British Spine Registry

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British Spine Registry
There are a number of ways the Registry can be used and I suggest as you look around it, create patients and
pathways etc, you consider how it will work best for you. Think which patients, what data and try to work out a
pathway for data collection in your practice.
The principles are that patient demographics need to be entered at some stage. There are many different hospital
patient information systems and the Registry will not link with these so this is a manual process – who will do it and
A pathway needs to be selected based on broad diagnostic groups: cervical degenerative, lumbar degenerative,
deformity, infection, tumour, trauma and intradural. If you never see/operate on patients in one or more of the
pathways, these can be switched off in your user settings.
The pathway defines the questions asked in the ...view middle of the document...

4. The Consultant will then have the Registry open in clinic and will complete the initial assessment or followup assessment as appropriate and be able to review the outcome scores.
5. The Consultant or Spinal Fellow will enter the operative data in the ‘Procedure’ form.
This is just one way of using the system and as you explore it we hope you think how it may work in your practice
and any additional features which may make this easier and may provide more ‘feedback’ to the Consultant to
persuade them to use it regularly.
As you can see, the way we are planning to use it in Sheffield will capture every patient (who consents) going
through our unit. The ability to do this will depend on available manpower and having the kiosks. A much simpler
way to start (and the way we are planning to start) is to try and collect data on operative patients:
1. Consent the patient in the consenting clinic or outpatient clinic when they are put on the waiting list.
2. The patient completes their pre-operative questionnaires – paper based.
3. A member of the team (?secretary / junior doctors) enters the patient demographics and scores of the initial
4. Diagnostic details and operative details are completed on the day of surgery.
5. Patients complete post-operative questionnaires in clinic.
Patient consent is critical as we cannot keep data on non-consented patients. This is what makes the kiosk approach
the most attractive but paper consent will be an option (as will be paper questionnaires entered manually – by
question or total score). However with paper consent the ‘consent’ field in the Registry will need completing or
patient identifiable data will need to be removed. No further follow-up questionnaires will then be possible.
BASS will be the data controller and will require each user to agree to a usage policy ie not using it in public places or
over unsecured wireless connections.

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